Monday, January 16, 2012

The Dinner Bell ~ Fueling Scout's Four Pack

R2D2 is one of the most creative people I know, and a major source of inspiration to me.  I am always amazed at the minds of creative geniuses, and her's no less.  She is a published poet and designer, at least of the home that her and Mac Daddy live in.....which looks as if it was staged for a Pottery Barn catalog shoot.  She's great at naming things, and would not have been a starving artist had her livelihood been dependent on great the butt-print she did of Scout, when he was eight weeks old.

Most grannies want a cute hand print or footprint.....a lock of downy fine hair.....or are holed up at the neighborhood hen house, snipping and snitching over a ga-ba-zillion pictures of their baby's babies,  plastering them into a fifty page photo album (that will just tuck into their pocket book).   This, all with the intention to show it off to LaVern down at the post office on Monday morning.

Not R2D2.....she brushed some Lake Blue paint on Scout's precious baby-bottom and sat him right down on a piece of paper that was taped on the kitchen counter.  He thanked her for capturing the memory, with a water-like baptism.

She created the whole thing into a map, and called it "Scout's Little End of the World."  She added trees, a campground named "Blue Moon,"  Round Bottom Road down south, and Boat Load Marina to the east.  The butt cheeks are the major water reservoirs called North and South Sweet Cheek Lakes. The dry hiking trail that divides the two bodies of water is named Tooshie Trail, and is complete with a warning sign "watch for falling rocks."  Even when a touch of paint accidentally got on his little "tentacles".....that's what my Southern Sweet Biscuit's boys call those things.....she has three (son's, not things), and is married to Hong-Kong she has lots of those things at her house.....anyway,  R2D2 turned those itty-bitty prints into islands.

As you can tell, R2D2 is all bright and shiny.  But, she is best known around town for what she creates in the kitchen.  It is all fresh, healthful, tasty and satisfying.  My very favorite meal since I can remember is Spinach Noodles.  It was my comfort-food during weekends home from college and visits after I was newly married,  living far from home,  not knowing how to cook more than a magic-from-the-microwave meal.  This goodness fuels Biker Man's six-pack (Oh yes.....he's got one!), Scout's four-pack (when comparing in the mirror one day.....that is all he could "find") and my tire-tube, nicely.  You may enjoy trying it out, so I thought I would share the recipe with you.

R2D2's Spinach Noodles

~ 1 pack of spinach noodles.....cooked according to package..... I use whole wheat pasta sometimes
~ 1 box of frozen spinach.....thawed and drained (I use fresh most of the time.....big ole' gob of it)
~ 4-6 T of butter.....depending on your New Year's resolution
~ 1 diced onion
~ 1 thing of mushrooms.....sliced (I leave these out.....they are not Scout's thing)
~Salt and pepper to taste
~Generous portion of freshly grated Parmesan cheese

~Saute the onion in the butter till it's golden, then add the mushrooms (if they are your thing)
~Add the spinach.....saute till warm
~Top the pasta with the mixture
~Dump Parmesan cheese on top (if you are me)

Now, Biker Man likes to have "protein" with his I have started to add grilled-chicken breast that is cubed or sliced to the spinach mixture.  For zippy-prep, I will get the grilled strips that are in the lunch-meat section at the Piggly-Wiggly.  This meal is very quick (less than 15 minutes total), simple, cheap, and GOOD.  I always have the stuff on hand, and it is my go to in a pinch.  If we run out of ingredients for this, we are way over-due for a trip to town.

So give it a whirl!  You may be thanking me for sharing some of R2D2's creative genius.   There is more "yumminess" from where that came from, so I will plan to share more in the future.  For now,  I hope you enjoy this meal as much as our family has for over 30 years!  I better go check the pantry.....

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