Monday, January 9, 2012

Dr. Captain and Nine Cavities

So, I will start this inaugural post by breaking the ice.....jumping in with both feet and throwing all caution to the wind.  I want to share with you the most embarrassing moment, of my entire life.  I am a pretty transparent person in many ways, though like all of us, I do get embarrassed.  I get embarrassed mainly at character flaws in myself, when awakenings come to my heart, making me aware of areas that I need to grow.  But this one had no opportunity to be squirreled away into a character lesson.  There is no quote applicable or scripture relevant, making the experience a nice neat little package.  There is no getting around the complete and utter mortification that I experienced.

My husband (Biker Man), myself, and our son (Scout) moved back to my hometown a few years ago.  To make the transition easier for ourselves, we decided in the process of choosing new doctors and the like, that we would just use the dental practice that my family had gone to for care, since I was a very young girl......before the hideous junior high braces thing.  Unknown to me, the dentist that I had gone to, way back when, had taken another dentist into the practice.  The captain of my high school football team.

Once we were settled into a new normal, and had all our our insurance mumbo-jumbo worked out, I called to make appointments for routine dental care for myself and Scout (age four at the time).  I wanted to get in quickly, so that we could get two cleanings squeezed into the calendar year.  The only availability for both of us on the same day and time was with Dr. Captain.  Apparently, Dr. Gonna-Retire was off playing golf.

I was a freshman when Dr. C was a senior.  He was the stereo-typical captain of the football team.  Handsome, popular and stellar student.  He wasn't though, the jock-bully type.  He was quiet and kind to all.  So when I realized that I needed to take the appointment with Dr. C, there was a trusting place in me, that it would be okay to see him.  To have him get very, very, very, close to me and look into my mouth.....and I am sure up my nose.  He was a professional by the way.  He has looked at the backs of throats on gobs of people.  I would just be another number.  And besides,  I was blessed with great teeth and always had good oral hygiene.

The day came for the appointments and my mom went with us so that Scout wouldn't be in the room by himself.  I will admit, I was getting nervous.  Moving back to your hometown, after so many years, brings alot of curiosity and wonderings.  It also brings alot of self consciousness.  I just kept remembering that this guy was a dentist and that we were all adults here.  I was no longer that little freshman football cheerleader looking up googly-eyed at the varsity players.

As I checked in, Dr. C was standing at the counter finishing notes on the last patient he had seen.  When he saw me, he greeted me with a warm smile and greeted my mom.  We did live in a small town.....had gone to the same church as youth and our dad's had worked together.  In small towns.....everyone knows everyone.....and everyone knows everyone's business.  Really and truly.

I had my cleaning and Dr. C checked Scout first, so that he could report to me while he was checking my teeth.  He came in.....did the professional dentist thing and conversation.  Then he sat down.  Then he leaned down......real he is supposed to.  I had decided that I had made a mistake, right then.  I just held my breath and wished I had not worn my dorky, fuzzy, pink Crocs.  What was I thinking?  In about a gazillion minutes he was finished.  As I began to get up with the confidence that I had in every other visit to the dentist in my life, because of my great oral care, he said....."We did find a few spots."  My head was spinning.....spots?  "What do you mean?" I asked, trying to sound collected.  "When was the last time you saw a dentist?" He asked.  Stammering, I became tounge tied.  When was the last time I saw the dentist...?  I stupidly responded....."Um...I think last year."  Dr. C then dropped the news, "You have nine cavities."

Now, I love Jesus.  I would never want, nor intentionally take the Lord's name in vain.  But all I could think at that split second was.....OMG!!!  Then I started thinking very fast forward in my head......"there is a HIPPA law.....he can't tell anyone this.  I have to find a new dental practice.....I am not going to be able to look at him in public.  I am sure his wife is beautiful.....he is going to tell her.....she won't be able to be friends with me.  The won't let their children near Scout."  It was a mess.....I was a mess.  At least my child's teeth were "spot-free."  Maybe he would just think that I am such a great mom, that I have sacrificed my dental health, that I have been a martyr to the needs of my child.

Fast forward two years later.....I get a phone call on a Sunday evening.  I answer and hear familiar male voice on the other end.  He calls me by the name that only my family and people from my childhood know me buy.  It is Dr. C.  All of a sudden I feel like I am in a dream...,,it is very surreal.  Why is he is something wrong with Scouts teeth?  Is he inquiring that all my teeth haven't fallen out?  He is calling to inform me that he is going to be Scout's basketball coach for the upcoming season.  Great.  I will never be able to get away or hide.

That's how small town.....I will be embarrassed forever.

Welcome to my blog.  Thanks for visiting...

Daisy Boots


  1. i was going to say the same thing lindsay said. too funny. great blog...keep it up.

  2. It was painful.....simply painful!