Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Daisy ~ Blogs Worth Following

There is so, So, SO much on the Internet!  It is overwhelming.....well, at least to me.  I do not fair well in crowds and in really noisy, over stimulating environments.....don't be like me....I have issues.  That's how I feel when I get drawn into the Internet.....crowded and overwhelmed.  Because of this, I am really behind the eight ball on the whole sha~bang of computers and technology, but I am getting there.  I am trying to learn new things everyday.  Thus, the exercise in patience on launching a blog.

It is so hard at times to find quality sites to spend your time on.....and if you click on this link, or that link.....if you are like me (I am sure you are not.....because I have issues), you get lost into a grid like on the movie "Tron" and can't get back.....or maybe you can, if you are not like me.  Anywho.....I have found, and fell in love with two blogs, that you may fall in love with too.  I am camped out in them....permanently.  If I don't get my daily dose of them.....when Biker Man comes home, he will find me rocking back in forth in a corner somewhere, staring and unblinking into space.

The blog of my Ann Voskamp's  Her offerings have revived me in so many ways, that I cannot even begin to list them.  Along with her book, this site is a work of art.  The music that starts once you click on it, leads you to desire a quiet feed your mind, heart and soul.  It is so relaxing and peaceful.  Scout would tell you that it is playing on my computer, in the background, most of our day.....much to his benefit..... keeping me from turning into psycho mom.  This blog is so very pleasing on the eyes, as well.  Her photography and writing style has healing properties.....I promise!  While seeming idyllic, it isn't.  It is a call to live real life, despite the ugliness that it can be at times.  We are encouraged to embrace the grace and beauty of the current moment.....grace is there, just have to stop and learn how to hone your vision to see look deep..... honest.  We are taught how to walk in that place with contentment and matter the circumstance.  Ann fills her daily posts with Real Soul Food, and has many applicable quotes.  Though she herself, is quote~worthy.  This site is part of my daily diet....

My other FAVORITE is,  Ree Drummond's  Plain and simple, this site makes me very happy.  She makes me happy!  Many of you are familiar with her, and her show on the Food Network.  If not, check her out!  She is so much fun and covers topics like cooking, family life, home schooling and photography.  She also covers lots of fun girlie stuff like make~up, clothes, and accessories.  She is very generous in her giveaways, which are quite regular.  Over the holidays, she celebrated the "Twelve Days of Christmas" and had a major giveaway each day.....iPads, TV's, Wii systems, cameras, Kitchen Aid mixers, and more!  She also does closet clean~outs, and will pull items from her own wardrobe with the tags still on it.....and give it away!  Just like me and Sweet Biscuit.....swappin' clothes!  If you are an animal lover, well so is she.  Her basset~hound Charlie is a strong supporting role in her regular posts.  Ree is so down to earth, real and practical.  Her style of writing is fun-loving, and so humorous.  She fuels a lot of my creative inspirations.....oh, boring, stay at home, strange home schooling mom, and frumpy wife that I am.....

There are many, Many, MANY more noteworthy blogs that are great options to follow...... for encouragement and inspirations.....these are just two that I enjoy.  I would love to hear some of your favorites.....share them in the comments section below.  All of us can use fresh sources of inspiration, and creativity everyday.....


  1. I joined ;) Love reading so always makes me smile!


    1. Welcome! So very, very, very, and gobs happy to have you join this rodeo circus!