Monday, February 27, 2012

Biker Babe on ~ Biker Man's First Love.....Motorcycles

Well.....I will have to admit......when I first met Biker Man, he was not on his motorcycle.  He was working out.  Geezzz.....I can barely think back to our first days together in college, without swooning.  He was definitely a sight for sore eyes.....those first days that I noticed him in the gym at Miami University (still is).  But for some reason, I didn't have the confidence that I would be his type.  I actually thought he was a grad student.....he wasn't.  I was in my senior year..... and not knowing what the near future would bring, or where I would be.....not to mention.....I was kinda in a relationship with someone else.....Mr. Secret Service.  So.....I put Biker Man out of my mind.

But when Biker Man showed up one night at the gym, (I was a fitness instructor there.....I tire tube wouldn't have given that away) in his leather jacket, and holding his motorcycle helmet.....I couldn't get to the phone fast enough to break it off with Mr. SS (sounds bad.....I know, but.....seriously, it was a long distance relationship.....and I was sure, he wasn't sure about me anyway.....and looking back.....I am sure I couldn't have handled the Secret Service......that is, if he had been sure about me).  Anywho.....I knew I shouldn't have any strings attached before I hopped on the back of Biker Man's motorcycle......I had a feeling I would ride off with him forever.....

.....but I have only ridden with Biker Man......let's see.....I can count the number of times on one hand.  Really.  And of those times..... we were newly dating.  Haven't been on the bike, like.....1996.  I am a scaredy cat, and every time he would get over 35 mph, I would start yelling "slow down!  Slow Down!!  SLOW DOWN!!!"  He said the odometer actually read, around 25 mph.  Yep.  I'm a Biker Babe.  Didn't want to get my 90's hair-do messed up either......wearing the helmet.....yep.  Big risk taker.....that's me.  Guess I will just continue to live out the Kelly McGillis......Tom Cruise......Top Gun thing in my head.  Kelly didn't wear a helmet and mess up her Hollywood hair......not like I have Hollywood hair.  I have been in perpetual hair crisis since fifth grade.

Sooooo......obviously, I didn't ride off with him forever.....but we did get married.  On the day that I married him, I understood.....VERY CLEARLY that he LOVED motorcycles.   I was cool with that.  BUT on the day before we got married.....he sold his motorcycle.  Before any of you guys get your britches in a wad.....I DIDN'T ASK HIM TO SELL IT.  It is the type of man he is.....selfless.....putting others needs ahead of his own.   I love him.

He went almost eight years without a motorcycle.....even when he had at least two opportunities to get another one, and I in agreement.....he put me, and our needs, ahead of his desire.  So in 2006, when a can't-pass-up buy on one that he really, Really, REALLY liked came along.....I could not stand in the way of his happiness.   Scout was it was understood, that this Biker Babe wouldn't be riding on the back of that machine, with my hot husband until......well.....Scout was graduated from college, and had secured a self sustaining job.  Seriously.  We have about.....another fifteen years to go now.  I know.  Very Biker Babe-ish of me.

Many people make comments to us in regards to me "letting him" have a bike.....or "not letting him" have a bike.  Or, say things like....."my wife would kill me" or "no way is he getting a bike" etc. etc. etc.  So, I am going to lay it out one fell swoop, so you can understand what direction I am heading on this issue.....which is controversial for so many couples...... is not about a motorcycle.

I personally believe, we have a responsibility to support the interests, desires, and dreams of our spouse.  It is worth pondering.....

Biker Man has a LOVE for motorcycles that is innate.  It started when he was a really little dude.  He owned a bike when I met him.  I cannot ask him to be someone that he is not.....or to give up one of the only things.....hobby wise.....(besides a love for animals) that he gets really excited about.  He isn't a couch-potato-sports-fanatic.....though he loves to be active with Scout, and takes care of himself through exercise.  He doesn't hunt for stuff.....unless it is something he's lost.....he doesn't smoke, drink or chew.....or usually hang out with guys that do.  Basically.....he works.  He works a lot!  If he isn't in the office working.....he's traveling for work.  If he is at home.....he is working.....taking care of our home, yard, cars, or finances......which by the way, he does a stellar job at.....ALL of it.  He doesn't take much free time for himself.....and the free time he does take.....Scout is trying to get him in a head lock (with Biker Man letting him).....or I am at his heels.....talking his ear off.....wanting a date night.....asking him to do this or that.....wanting to go here or there.  When he had the chance to get a bike.....he didn't.  When he got the bike, he didn't have a posse waiting for him, to turn me into a weekend widow.   I have encouraged him to go for a leisure ride.....but by his own concern, that would mean that Scout wouldn't get to play with him......or I wouldn't get time with him.....or the grass wouldn't get cut......or the oil changed in the car.....or the blah, blah, blah.  

Sooooo.....he is content to just have his motorcycle, and to use it for commuting, when he can..... continuing the daily grind.  It is his desire, to have my heart's desire fulfilled.  He works that I can be facilitate a quality family life for us, to home school our be available.....when he is.  How can I not "let" this dear man.....who is selfless, every area of our lives, lovingly committed, and faithful, not have the one thing that he gets excited about?  What kind of spouse would I be, not to open my heart to his..... and the little Biker Dude in him, that finds such joy in steel and speed.....and the innocence of his first love.....

.....a motorcycle.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Future of Investing

Sooooo.....we made a cutting edge investment this past week.  No pun intended.  We are in the know.....on top of the latest trends..... big risk takers.  Don't be like us.

We adopted two sister kitties, about two years ago.  I was going through an emotional season, after finding out that it would be most wise, for us not to have anymore babies.  As I worked through the process of grieving, I needed to baby something.  Scout was getting to the age of having enough of that from me.  Snuggles only come at his at bedtime, when he is desiring to prolong it (works every time), or when he wants something (works half of the time).

An announcement came through our home school discussion board, that an unexpected litter had been born to a local family.  Kittens are a dime a dozen around these parts.....usually born in a barn somewhere.  Most are flea, and ear mite infested.....or have worms, and gunk.  I wasn't in the place to bring home anything with special needs, especially since we wanted to adopt two kittens.  This situation was perfect, as the litter had been born in a nice home.....very clean and healthy.  The kittens also had been exposed to, and handled by two little they could handle what they had coming.  I was having concerns that Scout may try hug them to death, or smother them with affection.  Literally.  His little heart is compassionate that way.....just like his Papa' it didn't take much for me to convince my Biker Man that we NEEDED to adopt these two girls.  Just a little batting of my baby blues.....a secret smooch.....and voila!  He loves me.

We brought our girls home at six weeks of age......babied them, made sure they had their shots, got them spayed, and de-clawed.....yada, yada, yada.  I named them.....but my guys gave them nicknames that seemed more fitting, as they started to show their personalities, and fill into their little adult body types.  They called them Chunky Monkey, and Lean Cuisine.  I am convinced this is where the problems started.

Lean Cuisine prances around, as if she owns the place.....thinking that she can do whatever she wants, believing she's the skinny, perfect one.  She is too much sometimes, and overwhelming in her pursuit for attention......"Look at me!  I'm skinny.  I'm beautiful.  Hear me roar......meow!"  She is very mouthy.

Chunky Monkey, we now believe, had some major self image issues in comparison to her sister.  After the nicknaming.....she pretty much copped an attitude....."Talk to the paw!"  She would run away, resist attention, and affection from us......and would always, ALWAYS go for the juggler on Lean Cuisine when wrestling.  Very Cain and Able behavior.  She also became destructive.  Who knew kitten's would chew?  I thought that was a dog thing.  She chewed up the cording on expensive window blinds.....the cord to our name brand GPS.....and the cord to our wireless box thing.  What do you call that?  I dunno know.....but one night I couldn't access the Internet.  Anyway.....this girl was starting to cost us some money.  When Biker Man discovered something that he had to repair, as a result of her rebellious behavior.....he would subtract from her nine lives.  She was beginning to run low.

Sooooo.....about two weeks ago, we noticed that Chunky Monkey was showing a lack of interest in food.  Very strange, considering she is pretty demanding and displeased, when being fed.....if the service isn't faster at the drive up window.  A couple of days went by, and she was getting worse.  We took her to the vet, and weren't in the exam room more than five minutes, when Dr. Love came in, and quickly determined that we were dealing with a serious kitty emergency.  Chunky Monkey's kidney's were shutting down due to dehydration.....she was on the operating table in less than an hour.

After x-rays and exploration, it was discovered that this cat ingested two feet of kite string!  She apparently hunted, and dug through our craft supplies to find something interesting.  We know string is a no-no for kitties!  It got tied around the back of her tongue, and ran through her insides, clear to the end of her bottom (I can't bring myself to say the "medical" term for that part).  It was pulling tight her intestines, and they bunched up like Uncle Al's accordion.  Poor girl.  Dr. Love and her team did an amazing job during the procedure, which involved the intricate detail of cutting open her little intestine, to get the string out.  We are so glad that we took her in when we did......and are very thankful that she is still with us.  Dr. Love's expertise is more than a fair value.....but yes.....we were in sticker shock.

She was not able to come home for four days.....long time nowadays, even for humans to be in the hospital.  When we brought her home, we were sobered at her shaven belly, and at the prophetic reality of her given nickname.  Chunky Monkey is right!  With her little-big folds, and her incision.....she couldn't even bend over to clean her yoo-hoo.  It was the most pitiful thing.  Biker Man's heart went out to her.....he said....."Well, we did take her away from her mother at six weeks.  Maybe it was week seven, that she would have learned to do that."

As the days passed, during her recovery at home, we were noticing the weight drop off of our little Chunky Monkey.  She was gettin' a little "sassafras" in her, and it came with a new attitude.....prancin' around like a Skinny Minnie.  She began rolling on her back and showing off her belly.....chirping at us, as if she was saying "How do ya like my new figure?"   Biker Man and I were surprised, as she wasn't normally "showy".....those were antics that we expected from her beautiful-skinny sister, Lean Cuisine, who noticed the change......when we let her in to visit her sister in her recovery period, she sniffed her butt like she had never met her before.  She sniffed and looked at her.....sniffed again, then stepped aside with wide eyes and ears back, as if to say "Whoa!  Look at you girl!  What did you have done?  (Who needs the Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights?  Got reality TV right here in our bathroom.)  Then it donned on us.....we think Chunky Monkey underhandedly got us to consent to her having gastric bypass surgery.....

Biker Man said, "That cat is on her ninth life!  She better use it wisely....."

Gastric bypass surgery for cats......the future of investing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No One's Confessing

So apparently I am the only fool out there, willing to admit my secret addiction to lip balm, and to drive around two counties looking for the kind that Pioneer Woman suggested.  Simple pleasures.  Anyway, only one person braved putting their toe in the water, to all this craziness.....

Lindsay Gibson!

She admitted to being addicted to Carmex.  I am going to attempt to draw her to the dark side.....and her inner thirteen year old.  She wins the tube of Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Balm. 

"lindsay.....Lindsay.....LINDSAY....."  (Do you hear Darth Daisy calling you?)

More fun to come!  Don't miss out!!  I know your JOIN.....COMMENT.....and PASS DAISY ALONG TO FRIENDS!  Step out to the dark.....I mean wild.....maybe dumb side?!?  Let me know who you are!!!  For goodness sake..... at least jump in the fun for the giveaways.....DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE! 

I am here to make your day a little bit more gather smiles together, and to hopefully cause some tummy tickles.   Comedian Tim Hawkins says, "If you can't laugh at your self.....laugh at someone else." (Though I so can be hard, and we never know where some one's at).  Therefore,  I offer myself to you.....and all my foibles.....for there are many.  I gots lots of material.  Yes, I meant to say "gots."

I love you, and glad you are checking the gang out!  Have a GREAT Wednesday!
Love, Daisy Boots

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pucker Up!

In honor of Valentines Day, we are going to talk about lips for a moment.  Yep, those things that pucker for smooches, and the source of inspiration of the school yard jump rope song...."Biker Man and Daisy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G."  Scout seriously turns green and wants to vomit at the sight of his parents giving one another very appropriate displays of affection.....let alone the thought or prospect of his precious lips EVER touching those of another female (besides mine, R2D2's or Aunt Suzy's big red juicy ones).  Which is okay for now.....because I told him he is NOT ALLOWED doing that, until he had his college degree and a J-O-B, so he can take care of a girl the right way.  I can hear you saying "good luck with that."  I know.....I am in denial.

Anyway.....I have realized recently, that I have a secret addiction.  Lip balms, goop and the like.  Not only do they keep dryness at bay.....but,  I feel that if I have something glossed on my lips, then I am somewhat presentable to the outside world.  Even if I don't have mascara on, which is my number one make~up bag pick.....and even if I am sportin' the frumpy.  The fact that I have twenty~eight lipsticks, chap~sticks, shimmers, shines and smackers may be a reason for intervention.  The fact that I counted them on a Friday night figure out how many I had in my car, bathroom drawers, purse, window sill, and make~up baskets undoubtedly is reason for intervention.  My favorite is Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer in Cocoa.  It is discontinued.  In a week or two, you may find me in a white walled rubber room.....rocking back and forth, while pulling my hair out......with WILD eyes.  Like the ones in Where the Wild Things Are.   I know!!!   It's serious.

One time, Pioneer Woman posted her secret love for "Bonnie~Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers."  I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  I went searching through two counties.....three Wal~Marts and a couple of CVS stores looking for a tube of it.  One tube.  All I wanted was one.   I guess EVERY thirteen year old had just been there, and bought them all up, in every store!  Darned teenagers.   Finally found some at the last Wal~Mart I went to.  Much to Scout's relief.  There were only three left.  I bought them all.  So sorry.....

That was a fun day.  For me.....not for Scout.....he rolls his eyes now.

Anyway.....if you would like a tube of "Bonnie~Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers" but don't want to drive two counties, three Wal~Marts and a couple of CVS stores to look for it.....I gotcha one!  Just make a comment below on what your secret addiction is.

ONE reply will be picked (apparently a high value item here, I wonder if I could eBay it and put Scout through college?  Anywho.....Scout will have strict instructions to pick ONLY ONE!) at random, and announced on Valentines morning, then I will send you a tube of your own, thirteen year old "must have" make~up necessity.  One comment per person.  Prize winners in the last two giveaways are not eligible.  Also.....may take a bit for your post to appear.

Have fun!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So Scout loves giveaway days.....he gets to randomly pick the winners.  A seven year old can randomly do this......but today he couldn't decide.  So I guess it wasn't so random.  We are trying.

Last time I put the names in a hat and I told him to pick one.  He picked.....two.  So we had two winners.  :)  This time, I wrote down all the names and assigned each one a number based on the order of posts on the blog or Facebook.  I turned the number, and matching names his eyeballs wouldn't be biased.  Then I told him to pick a number from one to a ga-ba-zillion.

"Two!"  He announces.  A tenth of a second later....
"NO! NO!! NO!!!  "THREE!" He shouts.  (I am thinking this isn't random.....or maybe it is.....for a  seven year old mind.)  So I write all the numbers down on a sheet of paper and have him do the close-your-eyes-and-pick method.  He pointed to six.  I thought we had better stop.

SO!!!!! Fair and square.....random or not.....THREE of you are getting Gungor's "Beautiful Things" CD!!!

Congratulations to.....

Beverly &

Message me on Facebook to claim your prize!  Then go stand by your mailbox.....

Hope you enjoy this music as much as I have......

Continue to follow.....comment.....and share Daisy Boots with your friends!  Another "fun-little" giveaway coming don't go nowhere!  (Yes.  I meant to say "nowhere".....sounds like I work as a waitress in highway greasy spoon down south......and I am chomping my gum obnoxiously.....which would drive me crazy.)

Daisy Boots

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soul Food ~ Beauty for Ashes.....Why I Blog

Right now "Beautiful Things" by Gungor is ringing in my head.  It is my theme song for this year.   I have been pondering this week, on things that are beautiful to me.....things that rank in the tippy top.  I am reflective on this too.....

"God sent me to announce the year of his grace-
a celebration of God's destruction of our enemies-
and to comfort all who mourn,
To care for the needs of all who mourn in Zion,
give them bouquets of roses instead of ashes,
Messages of joy instead of news of doom,
a praising heart instead of a languid spirit."
~Isaiah 61 (The Message)

This is why I blog.....
To give bouquets of simple fun.....encouragement.....
To send messages.....of laughter.....
To announce grace.....beautiful things.....

Let's focus for a moment on these..... here is a list, of seven beautiful things.  To me.....


Just like a preschool curriculum focuses on learning through the five senses.....have you embraced the beauty around you through sight.....smell.....taste.....hearing.....and touch?  It is simple, and your environment is saturated.....I actively look for gifts through these five my daily life.  Right where I am.  So can you.


I am morning person.....weird I know.....and my favorite season is fall.  A two for one deal!  Cozy favorite chai, or coffee.....crisp morning sunlight.....and my loves all tucked in their warm beds, for another hour or two......until I start banging pots to prepare soup for dinner.  Sound idyllic?  It's's my life.  Special daily moments are within your reach too.....


I have a small handful of special friends, in my life, that have given it a rare beauty.  The majority of these treasures, are a few hundred miles away......and a couple of them, thousands.  It makes my heart ache.....almost daily.  But, we have learned to focus on the quality of our friendships, instead of the quantity.  I am in communication with most of them, on a regular basis, though it doesn't always soften the emptiness.  I always wish they were right in the room with me.....where I could touch them.....share with them.....laugh with them.  I am willing to sacrifice miles, to have the beauty they have instilled in my life.....than to have never had it at all.  Who are these special ones in your life?


While we may not have a love story, or marriage that would be a best selling novel.....or a Hollywood screenplay, what I do have is a husband who is:
~a pursuer of moral character
~a hard worker (I would rather be married to a work-a-holic, than to a sloth!)
~a good provider
~one who takes opportunities to be a better husband and father
~a good steward of what we and others have
~a respecter of life and creation
Sound boring?  It is called contentment.  Contentment is beautiful.  I choose to be thankful for the 80% of the fine qualities in my man.....than to constantly focus (a hem.....NAG!)  on the 20% that may be his shortcomings.....and may never change.  He is who he is.  And, so am I.  Would I want him nagging at that 20% in my life?  NO! This practice has not always been easy, but has eliminated a lot of stress in our home, as I have chosen to do has given us a quality and depth in our relationship, that is rich.  Do an 80/20 inventory in your home.....or with those you are closest to, or work with.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the corner you may "finally" turn, in your relationship.....or at the break-through that you have been waiting for.....the problem may lie with you.


I was privileged to be present at a home birth, of one of my old friends, back in 1998.  I will never forget it.  It was not planned that I would be there.....I just happened to be there.....the action started..... and things went really fast.  The dad, a nurse, and I delivered that baby, in a little apartment outside of Detroit.  The mid-wife didn't make it......until an hour later.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed.....of course outside of the first precious moments with my own baby boy.  I have since been privy to experience moments of new life occurring, right at that second.....the emerging of a butterfly.....or puppies being born.  That was fun!  As home-schoolers, we had the advantage to drop everything one day, when a friend called to tell us that her dog was in labor.....and to come NOW!  Of course Scout put his six year old reality check into the moment.....when the first puppy came he shouted horrified, "she's pooping her babies!" Nice.  Anyway,  how can one deny, that there is a God.....when witnessing new life?


Unless you are "fluffing" during a deep belly laugh (or maybe you and yours would think that is funny....."to each their own").....then laughter can be so very beautiful.  It is healing for the soul.  Scout's middle name means "he shall laugh."  While we didn't realize it at the time.....naming him that was prophetic, and would eventually be accurate.  He is so goofy, and keeps us on our toes......but it isn't his attempted and failed comedy routines, that he thinks are hysterically is what he finds funny, and his total abandon to laugh, that gets us going.  Usually, we don't know what he is laughing at.  We are laughing at him laughing.  (I have a post in draft on what makes me laugh..... so more about that later)  What makes you laugh?  Find something to laugh at today.....You Tube could be a good starting point.


I am proud to boast that my parents have been married for 40!  Not many can say that now-a-days.  Of course they haven't been without their challenges, over these past four decades.  I have not been married half as long as they have, yet I have been married long enough, to know that sometimes there is no fancy formula to a successful comes down to good old fashioned hard work and the choice of.....COMMITMENT!!!  By the time Scout is married, he will have a legacy of two generations, of long standing, successful (not perfect) marriages.  My parents.....and his parents.....what more beautiful gift can you pass to your child?

I would like to challenge you, to think about some beautiful things in your life.  I want to hear them!
Post about a beautiful thing that you are going to focus on, over the next few days......and in honor of my parents 40th anniversary, you will be entered for a chance to win Gungor's album "Beautiful Things."***  I posted this song on my Facebook page last week.....go there to listen if you would like.....but don't forget to share with me at the bottom of this post!

If you have trouble thinking about a beautiful thing.....go look in the mirror.  It will be staring back at you.....that is always a good place to start.

***One post will be picked at random on Tuesday, February 7th.  So sorry.....January 2012 prize winners are not eligible.  Your post may take a moment or two to appear.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Dinner Bell ~ Fueling My Tire Tube forget about fueling Biker Man's six pack, or Scouts little four.....though Scout thinks that he (Biker Man) grew two more packs since I posted that would make it eight.  Wowza!  Anyway, let's talk about fueling my little.....or, maybe it's medium size, tire tube.  Well, maybe it's borderline medium~large.  Today, I think I hid it well.  Tomorrow it may feel extra large.  Right now, it is happy.  I ate my Fiber One, peanuts, banana and yogurt combo a few minutes ago.  I know.  I get distracted easily.....though I have never been diagnosed.  I am hopeful.

Anywho.....time to share another recipe, that I cannot take credit for.  I found it in an old magazine that I bought at a library sale a few years back.  Best nickel I ever spent, after finding this treasure of goodness!  It was in Light & Tasty (October/November 2007), and was submitted by Suzanne Dabkowski of Blythewood, South Carolina.  She found it in a men's magazine, which makes me think about Biker Man's six pack.....think, think, think.  Ok, so sorry.  Back on track.  Anyway,  Suzanne and I became best friends after I made this soup.....though I am sure she would think it strange if I went to her house, and asked if she had more recipes, that I cannot live without.  I am sure the police would be involved. have changed my life forever and I am indebted to you!  Thank you ever so much for sharing.....

I went to a shin~dig with Biker Man yesterday, to meet some of the dear people that he works with. This soup tagged along, and apparently it was a big hit.....there was not much left, and all the ladies (and one guy) were asking for the recipe.  Guess they want to develop six packs in somebody.  This soup will help!  It's super duper tasty, healthy, and loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins and iron.  (It's EASY too!)  I doubled this recipe from the original.  Take creative liberties with it your own.  I am a huge "eyeballer" and my soups are one thing I don't get OCD over.  It will feed 12-ish irregardless of how many "packs" or lack of them you me.....I have a pack alright.  All you cook-and-freeze people.....this will freeze well.


The Stuff:

~2 medium onions, chopped (I buy a small frozen bag of chopped onions at the Piggly~Wiggly, and put the whole thing in.  I am not a chopper.  HATE IT!  So this is one short cut I allow myself and it does not cost much more than a bag of onions.)
~2 celery ribs, chopped
~1/2 lb. reduced -fat smoked sausage, halved and thinly sliced  (I usually add a little more......okay,  A LOT MORE.  I am a carnivore.)
~2 medium carrots, halved and thinly sliced  (Again, I buy a small  bag of frozen carrots and use the whole bag.  You could also use a handful or two of baby carrots.)
~4 garlic cloves, minced  (I keep a jar of minced garlic in the fridge and use that)
~4 cans (14-1/2 oz. each) of reduced-sodium chicken broth (Swanson's has some in the box, Aldi's sells it too.  I prefer the organic kind.....I am OCD that way.)
~2/3 cup of water
~2 cups of lentils, rinsed (Usually the whole standard size bag.)
~1 teaspoon dried oregano
~1/2 teaspoon cumin
~1/2 teaspoon of pepper
~2 cans (14 1/2 oz. each) stewed tomatoes, cut up (I try to find the lowest sodium kind.)
~2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
~2 cups of chopped fresh spinach (I buy a bag of baby spinach and don't chop it.....remember I hate chopping.....and I use two big ole handfuls of it.)

Whippin' It Up!

~Saute the onion and celery till you are happy.....
~Add the sausage, carrot and garlic until you are giggling.....
~Stir in the broth, water, lentils, and dry spices until you are starting to do a jig.....bring to a boil.
~Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 30-ish minutes.....NOW PUT THE GUN DOWN AND STEP AWAY FROM THE POT.....PUT YOUR HANDS UP!!!
~Sidetracked again.....add the tomatoes, Worcestershire and spinach.....cook till heated through.

The first time you make may want to do it alone.  You will want to be a little piggy and dig in right away.....and eat it from the pot.  Double dipping and all.  I did.  I would.  I still do.  Enjoy!  And.....may God bless our little tire tubes.  Or medium~large ones.....depending on the day.