Monday, February 27, 2012

Biker Babe on ~ Biker Man's First Love.....Motorcycles

Well.....I will have to admit......when I first met Biker Man, he was not on his motorcycle.  He was working out.  Geezzz.....I can barely think back to our first days together in college, without swooning.  He was definitely a sight for sore eyes.....those first days that I noticed him in the gym at Miami University (still is).  But for some reason, I didn't have the confidence that I would be his type.  I actually thought he was a grad student.....he wasn't.  I was in my senior year..... and not knowing what the near future would bring, or where I would be.....not to mention.....I was kinda in a relationship with someone else.....Mr. Secret Service.  So.....I put Biker Man out of my mind.

But when Biker Man showed up one night at the gym, (I was a fitness instructor there.....I tire tube wouldn't have given that away) in his leather jacket, and holding his motorcycle helmet.....I couldn't get to the phone fast enough to break it off with Mr. SS (sounds bad.....I know, but.....seriously, it was a long distance relationship.....and I was sure, he wasn't sure about me anyway.....and looking back.....I am sure I couldn't have handled the Secret Service......that is, if he had been sure about me).  Anywho.....I knew I shouldn't have any strings attached before I hopped on the back of Biker Man's motorcycle......I had a feeling I would ride off with him forever.....

.....but I have only ridden with Biker Man......let's see.....I can count the number of times on one hand.  Really.  And of those times..... we were newly dating.  Haven't been on the bike, like.....1996.  I am a scaredy cat, and every time he would get over 35 mph, I would start yelling "slow down!  Slow Down!!  SLOW DOWN!!!"  He said the odometer actually read, around 25 mph.  Yep.  I'm a Biker Babe.  Didn't want to get my 90's hair-do messed up either......wearing the helmet.....yep.  Big risk taker.....that's me.  Guess I will just continue to live out the Kelly McGillis......Tom Cruise......Top Gun thing in my head.  Kelly didn't wear a helmet and mess up her Hollywood hair......not like I have Hollywood hair.  I have been in perpetual hair crisis since fifth grade.

Sooooo......obviously, I didn't ride off with him forever.....but we did get married.  On the day that I married him, I understood.....VERY CLEARLY that he LOVED motorcycles.   I was cool with that.  BUT on the day before we got married.....he sold his motorcycle.  Before any of you guys get your britches in a wad.....I DIDN'T ASK HIM TO SELL IT.  It is the type of man he is.....selfless.....putting others needs ahead of his own.   I love him.

He went almost eight years without a motorcycle.....even when he had at least two opportunities to get another one, and I in agreement.....he put me, and our needs, ahead of his desire.  So in 2006, when a can't-pass-up buy on one that he really, Really, REALLY liked came along.....I could not stand in the way of his happiness.   Scout was it was understood, that this Biker Babe wouldn't be riding on the back of that machine, with my hot husband until......well.....Scout was graduated from college, and had secured a self sustaining job.  Seriously.  We have about.....another fifteen years to go now.  I know.  Very Biker Babe-ish of me.

Many people make comments to us in regards to me "letting him" have a bike.....or "not letting him" have a bike.  Or, say things like....."my wife would kill me" or "no way is he getting a bike" etc. etc. etc.  So, I am going to lay it out one fell swoop, so you can understand what direction I am heading on this issue.....which is controversial for so many couples...... is not about a motorcycle.

I personally believe, we have a responsibility to support the interests, desires, and dreams of our spouse.  It is worth pondering.....

Biker Man has a LOVE for motorcycles that is innate.  It started when he was a really little dude.  He owned a bike when I met him.  I cannot ask him to be someone that he is not.....or to give up one of the only things.....hobby wise.....(besides a love for animals) that he gets really excited about.  He isn't a couch-potato-sports-fanatic.....though he loves to be active with Scout, and takes care of himself through exercise.  He doesn't hunt for stuff.....unless it is something he's lost.....he doesn't smoke, drink or chew.....or usually hang out with guys that do.  Basically.....he works.  He works a lot!  If he isn't in the office working.....he's traveling for work.  If he is at home.....he is working.....taking care of our home, yard, cars, or finances......which by the way, he does a stellar job at.....ALL of it.  He doesn't take much free time for himself.....and the free time he does take.....Scout is trying to get him in a head lock (with Biker Man letting him).....or I am at his heels.....talking his ear off.....wanting a date night.....asking him to do this or that.....wanting to go here or there.  When he had the chance to get a bike.....he didn't.  When he got the bike, he didn't have a posse waiting for him, to turn me into a weekend widow.   I have encouraged him to go for a leisure ride.....but by his own concern, that would mean that Scout wouldn't get to play with him......or I wouldn't get time with him.....or the grass wouldn't get cut......or the oil changed in the car.....or the blah, blah, blah.  

Sooooo.....he is content to just have his motorcycle, and to use it for commuting, when he can..... continuing the daily grind.  It is his desire, to have my heart's desire fulfilled.  He works that I can be facilitate a quality family life for us, to home school our be available.....when he is.  How can I not "let" this dear man.....who is selfless, every area of our lives, lovingly committed, and faithful, not have the one thing that he gets excited about?  What kind of spouse would I be, not to open my heart to his..... and the little Biker Dude in him, that finds such joy in steel and speed.....and the innocence of his first love.....

.....a motorcycle.


  1. I have so much fun getting to know you and "Biker Man' through your blogs. You are such a writer.!!! (I bet you could write and publish children's books. Have you ever thought about that?)

    Thanks for the insight that you shared about marriage and relationships.

    1. Have a whole series in my head.....Thanks for the back slap..... :)