Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So Scout loves giveaway days.....he gets to randomly pick the winners.  A seven year old can randomly do this......but today he couldn't decide.  So I guess it wasn't so random.  We are trying.

Last time I put the names in a hat and I told him to pick one.  He picked.....two.  So we had two winners.  :)  This time, I wrote down all the names and assigned each one a number based on the order of posts on the blog or Facebook.  I turned the number, and matching names over.....so his eyeballs wouldn't be biased.  Then I told him to pick a number from one to a ga-ba-zillion.

"Two!"  He announces.  A tenth of a second later....
"NO! NO!! NO!!!  "THREE!" He shouts.  (I am thinking this isn't random.....or maybe it is.....for a  seven year old mind.)  So I write all the numbers down on a sheet of paper and have him do the close-your-eyes-and-pick method.  He pointed to six.  I thought we had better stop.

SO!!!!! Fair and square.....random or not.....THREE of you are getting Gungor's "Beautiful Things" CD!!!

Congratulations to.....

Beverly &

Message me on Facebook to claim your prize!  Then go stand by your mailbox.....

Hope you enjoy this music as much as I have......

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Daisy Boots


  1. Thanks for making me one of the winner. :)

    1. All fair and square.....you were #2 which he announced first. :)