Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No One's Confessing

So apparently I am the only fool out there, willing to admit my secret addiction to lip balm, and to drive around two counties looking for the kind that Pioneer Woman suggested.  Simple pleasures.  Anyway, only one person braved putting their toe in the water, to all this craziness.....

Lindsay Gibson!

She admitted to being addicted to Carmex.  I am going to attempt to draw her to the dark side.....and her inner thirteen year old.  She wins the tube of Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Balm. 

"lindsay.....Lindsay.....LINDSAY....."  (Do you hear Darth Daisy calling you?)

More fun to come!  Don't miss out!!  I know your reading.....so JOIN.....COMMENT.....and PASS DAISY ALONG TO FRIENDS!  Step out to the dark.....I mean wild.....maybe dumb side?!?  Let me know who you are!!!  For goodness sake..... at least jump in the fun for the giveaways.....DOESN'T MATTER WHO YOU ARE! 

I am here to make your day a little bit more brighter.....to gather smiles together, and to hopefully cause some tummy tickles.   Comedian Tim Hawkins says, "If you can't laugh at your self.....laugh at someone else." (Though I caution.....do so gently.....life can be hard, and we never know where some one's at).  Therefore,  I offer myself to you.....and all my foibles.....for there are many.  I gots lots of material.  Yes, I meant to say "gots."

I love you, and glad you are checking the gang out!  Have a GREAT Wednesday!
Love, Daisy Boots


  1. You're too funny! I'll try it! But fair warning...I love the burn of the carmex. mmmmm