Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pucker Up!

In honor of Valentines Day, we are going to talk about lips for a moment.  Yep, those things that pucker for smooches, and the source of inspiration of the school yard jump rope song...."Biker Man and Daisy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G."  Scout seriously turns green and wants to vomit at the sight of his parents giving one another very appropriate displays of affection.....let alone the thought or prospect of his precious lips EVER touching those of another female (besides mine, R2D2's or Aunt Suzy's big red juicy ones).  Which is okay for now.....because I told him he is NOT ALLOWED doing that, until he had his college degree and a J-O-B, so he can take care of a girl the right way.  I can hear you saying "good luck with that."  I know.....I am in denial.

Anyway.....I have realized recently, that I have a secret addiction.  Lip balms, goop and the like.  Not only do they keep dryness at bay.....but,  I feel that if I have something glossed on my lips, then I am somewhat presentable to the outside world.  Even if I don't have mascara on, which is my number one make~up bag pick.....and even if I am sportin' the frumpy.  The fact that I have twenty~eight lipsticks, chap~sticks, shimmers, shines and smackers may be a reason for intervention.  The fact that I counted them on a Friday night figure out how many I had in my car, bathroom drawers, purse, window sill, and make~up baskets undoubtedly is reason for intervention.  My favorite is Burt's Bee's Lip Shimmer in Cocoa.  It is discontinued.  In a week or two, you may find me in a white walled rubber room.....rocking back and forth, while pulling my hair out......with WILD eyes.  Like the ones in Where the Wild Things Are.   I know!!!   It's serious.

One time, Pioneer Woman posted her secret love for "Bonnie~Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers."  I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  I went searching through two counties.....three Wal~Marts and a couple of CVS stores looking for a tube of it.  One tube.  All I wanted was one.   I guess EVERY thirteen year old had just been there, and bought them all up, in every store!  Darned teenagers.   Finally found some at the last Wal~Mart I went to.  Much to Scout's relief.  There were only three left.  I bought them all.  So sorry.....

That was a fun day.  For me.....not for Scout.....he rolls his eyes now.

Anyway.....if you would like a tube of "Bonnie~Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers" but don't want to drive two counties, three Wal~Marts and a couple of CVS stores to look for it.....I gotcha one!  Just make a comment below on what your secret addiction is.

ONE reply will be picked (apparently a high value item here, I wonder if I could eBay it and put Scout through college?  Anywho.....Scout will have strict instructions to pick ONLY ONE!) at random, and announced on Valentines morning, then I will send you a tube of your own, thirteen year old "must have" make~up necessity.  One comment per person.  Prize winners in the last two giveaways are not eligible.  Also.....may take a bit for your post to appear.

Have fun!


  1. guess I missed the contest, but will post anyway! Glad the kitty survived! she may need some chapstick! Love your writings--keep em commin'! :)

  2. Okay Phyllis! You are my biggest fan!