Friday, March 30, 2012

Winner of the Magic Tree House Book!

Congratulations to Judy Bolton!  The winner of the "Magic Tree House book #10 Ghost Town at Sundown.  She shared that her favorite reading was, the Bobbsey Twins, when she was a girl.

Thanks for stopping, reading and sharing Daisy all my readers!

Stay tuned for a new post the beginning of next week.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jumpin' Through Hoops

Wondern' where I have been for over a week?  I know you have been anxiously waiting by your computer, since about this time last week, expecting a post to pop up.

Yeah.  Right.

I was working on a post, that would have posted about this time last week......and got sidetracked.  Your gonna love it, when I do post's about how Biker Man swept me off my feet before we got married.....good juicy stuff!  Tee, he, he.....just kidding.  We don't talk about hanky panky here.  Well, actually.....we wouldn't be talking about hanky panky, cause what I am posting about is before marriage.  Shouldn't be hanky panky before marriage. But, we aren't gonna talk about hanky panky after marriage either.  That's personal and private.

Anyway.....guess I'm sidetracked again.....

About a week and a half ago, we were doing a community service project for Cub/Boy Scouts, and somehow a soon-to-be  Eagle Scout flew, and landed into my car, to assist me and Scout with our part of the project.  My little Scout was star struck.  Poor Eagle (who just happens to be home schooled also), could barely get a word in edgewise, as Scout was talking his ear off.  But then.....a question came, that is still hanging, heavy in the air.....that changed our lives......


Scout asked Eagle, what was his most favorite thing to do.  Eagle responded "I love to read.  I spend more time doing that, than anything else."  Well.  I knew better than to pipe into this conversation.  I was about ready to burst through the sun roof with excitement though.....but you would be proud of my little Chatty-Kathy tendencies.  I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!  Then, little Scout asked Eagle what he liked to read when he was younger.  "I read all of the Magic Tree House books."  He responded, and continued to rattle off many other books and series.  I think this Eagle has read every book in the entire Library of Congress.

My little Scout was literally.....instantly.....bitten by the reading bug.

When we got home, he went tearing through his books.....and wouldn't ya know, found four Magic Tree House books.  I didn't know they were there.  "MOM!  I HAVE SOME MAGIC TREE HOUSE BOOKS!!!"  And then sat down and read them less than 48 hours.

When he was finished he came to me breathlessly, like he had just run a marathon....."Moooommm! (gasp for breath) We.....(gasp) get.....(gasp).....ALL.....of these books! (Long big gasp).  "I want.....(lighter gasp) OWN them all!" and pony show.  For the next few days (on top of trying to get a winning Pinewood Derby car ready), I felt like I was jumpin' through hoops.....organ grinding monkey and all......trying to find all 47 books for less than, the over $400 price tag, they would cost retail.

Hello Goodwill!  Thanks Half-Price Books!  So thankful for you, little..... quaint.....downtown used book store.  After posting an emergency need for these.....friends from afar, who believe it takes a community to raise a child, sent my Scout  whole packages full of them.....their children had read them.....and where ready to pass them on.  In the end, with just 3 left to purchase.....we where able to obtain 44 of them, for around $50!  And in just a weeks time......

I feel like "Mom of the Week."  Think I might go make me a certificate and hang it on the fridge.....

To celebrate reading.....I want to hear what your favorite reads are.  What books caused you to catch the reading bug as a child?  What book has changed your life?

Just post your comment below, or on Facebook.....and one comment** will be picked randomly to receive a copy of Scouts favorite Magic Tree House book (as of today), #10 "Ghost Town at Sundown," Become a kid again and read it yourself, or pass it onto a reluctant reader, who needs to catch the bug.  Winner announced on Friday.

Now off to cozy next to my little reader.....just to watch him read.  This Daisy Mama is happy.....

**You must have a United States address, to be eligible to win.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Apparently.....There Are Spies Among Us

Sooo.....Scout wanted chickens this time last year, after going into the Tractor Supply Center, and seeing them for sale there.  We weren't equipped to bring another "live something" home, so we told him that he had to save a few hundred dollars, in order to get set up for chickens.  We told him he could save for a year, and if he reached the agreed goal.....we would get chickens.  Long story short.....the boy saved like no one's business......(actually, the child has loaned his mother money).....anyway, he saved.....

until the after Christmas sales.

He was doing SO good at saving.  He was so motivated.....when he was at a store and wanted something, I would ask....."Do you want this more, or chickens more?"  Chickens always won.  The Cows at Chick-Filet woulda' been proud of him.

Then, Biker Man had some extended time off during the past holiday season.  We had just purchased a new computer, so he was teaching Scout some new things on it.  With some Christmas money, Scout wanted a new Wii game, so Biker Man taught him how to look for a deal on

Scout got lost in the jungle.

His chicken fund began to burn a hole in his pocket......and onto the skin, of those precious legs.  He was doing a constant jig, from the unbearable pain.....his little body was smokin' with desire.  The depths of the Amazon rain forest was calling out to him......Biker Man and I kept trying to reel him back.....but deeper he went.....wanting to spend his money.....

on spy gear.

The little dude had about a fifth saved of our original goal.....he definitely had a chunk of change.  Biker Man and I struggled in allowing him to blow it all (actually, struggle isn't a strong enough word here, I will let you fill in the blank.....cause I am really blank).....but we felt our hands were tied.  Scout had done everything we had asked.  He had tithed 10% of his gross earnings.  He had saved another 10% of his gross earnings, for any personal needs that may come about.  Right now he is saving for socks (Don't miss this people!  Don't be sendin' my kid socks.  Yes, we can afford to buy the boy some socks).  Then he saved 50% of the gross for his savings account.  The rest he was able to keep and spend.....and that is the money, along with an occasional gift, that he had been saving for chickens. one fell swoop, on a Friday night.....(once we painstakingly let go of the reins) the child dropped well over $100 into the online jungle, spending it on his 7 year old passion in life.....spy gear.

Now.....once we got past the agonizing parenting opportunity, of allowing him to spend this wad of cash.....Biker Man and I had to up our game.  There were going to be boundaries of play, with all of this espionage weaponry.  We were having visions of ending up on the Inside Edition news show, with whatever classified information this kid would dig up on the two adults that live in this house.  He was wanting to get secret video trackers, see-through-the-wall glasses, bionic ear gadgets, and alarms of all sorts.  So we laid down the law.....firm.  "If you come near our bedroom with any of that equipment.....we'll be on Inside Edition all right!  And it won't be for what you thought we would be on there for!"   Looking perplexed, he said "What's Inside Edition?  What do you mean Papa?"

Anyway.....the little guy then went by the front 5 minutes after he placed his orders.....and waited for the mailman.  Mailman Bob came the next day, without any packages.  "Stupid mailman!"  I heard him say under his breath.  " will take up to 14 days for everything to come."  But everyday.....he looked out that window, waiting.   Then FINALLY on day 5 (an eternity for ALL of us waiting in this household, let me tell you).....the first of a few shipments came.

It was the coveted lie detector kit!  The scene was one that you all have witnessed in the movie "A Christmas Story," when Ralphie receives his secret decoder pin.  Get outta the way!  There is some serious business going on.....up to his room my little spy went, to figure it all out.

Once Scout reemerged, he stomped down the stairs with a purpose in mind.  He was putting me on that thing.....gonna "catch" me in a lie.  To be quite honest with you.....I was afraid of sticking my fingers on that device.  I thought it would shock, sting or buzz at me.  (I am weirdly sensitive that way.....don't be like me.....I have issues).  In the name of love, I stuck my fingers onto that contraption.  My child had a look on his face, that was so up tightly serious.....I thought he may have squeezed his sweet cheeks together so hard, that his underwear would've disappeared.  The atmosphere was thick.  The questioning began:

"Are you a spy?"  He asked.
"No."  I answered.
His eyeballs about shot out of his head.....he began to intensely study, whatever this $25 interrogation tool was spitting was not professional reconnaissance equipment, mind you, it's life expectancy is probably about 6 months.  Anyway..... we waited a minute or two.....

"So what's the result?" I asked.
He looked at me with his eyebrows turned inward....."I KNEW IT!  YOUR A SPY!!  YOU'RE LYING!!!

Believe me when I tell you.....I AM this child's mother.  I DO know this child better than anyone on this earth.....but now according to this lie detector kit, and my seven year old, I am living a double life.

Who knew? 

Gonna go have a predictable day now.....or maybe it's a cover......the whole homemaker, home school mom thing.....apparently Scout thinks it is.

I need coffee.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Llama's Bowtique Tutu & Bow Winner!!!

Wowie Zowie!  Ya'all like kissing stories, filled with grunting pigs in barns, and farmer boys.....note to self!  This was the MOST popular post to date, with the highest readership.....the chance to win a custom tutu and bow set from Llama's Bowtique, I know, was a bonus......though I received a lot of comments outside of the desire to win anything.  Guess this post must've hit a nostalgic nerve in many of you.....

Anyway.....I know, I say that a lot.....I think I get it from Biker Man's Aunt B.....anyway, she says it a lot.  Anyway.....the winner of the custom matching tutu and bow set, from our West Virgina blog partner, Llama's Bowtique is:

Rhonda Reed!

Congratulations!!!   Contact Llama's Bowtique, through their Facebook page, to claim your prize.....they're waitin' fer ya!

More Daisy Boots fun, and love to come soon.....stay tuned!  Don't go far.....and as always, thanks for stoppin' by to visit!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Happens in the Barn, Stays in the Barn! Until.....

Well.....that is until the technological age entered the world.....and your friend starts a blog.....and needs material......

Sooooo.....I grew up in a small rural community.  In our high school, just like every one in America, there are the cliques of kids.....much like what is portrayed in John Hughes' 1985 movie, "The Breakfast Club."  There are brains.....princesses.....athletes.....basket cases.....and criminals. was clearly evident, that Hughes did not portray the film having taken place in a Mid~Western state.  If he had.....he would have included in the

In seventh grade, the groupie lines are not as clearly drawn, as they are once you get into high school.  Of course there are the cliques.....but they are more broadly defined.....popular and unpopular.  Now.....quite honestly, I didn't see myself in either.  I was however, a gymnast, and the spring before my eighth grade year, I made the cheer squad for the upcoming year.  I also made a rare, life~long friend......Tough-Cookie.

Tough-Cookie made the squad too......and she began introducing me to a lot of her pals, that would fall into the "farmer" group our freshman year of high school.  She was raised in the south part of the county where Farmers Rd. ran a long stretch.....and many of the reputable hog farming operations were located nearby.  She was a country girl through and through.....pretty as the wildflowers sproutin' up on the side of a country road, and an itty--bitty thing.....and shew wee!......she could wrestle a hog!  Her Daddy had her raisin' and showing hogs through 4~H early on......those little piggies put her through college!

Anyway.....once we got into high school, and continued making the football cheer squad together each season through our senior year.....we were nearly inseparable mid-August through the beginning of November.  There we many sleep overs at her house or mine.....we have gotten in trouble together, and spent many an hour bumping along in her 1972 olive green Maverick together.....coming to and from our houses.....back and forth to cheer leading practice, and Friday night games in our matchy~matchy shoes, flippy skirts and hair bows.  Many years we ended our season by celebrating our birthdays together.....hers on Halloween, mine on All Saint's Day.

One of those years our parents agreed, that we could have a big party out at Cookie's house.....complete with a big bonfire, and all the fixin's.  Shin~digs in the country were popular among the teens.  Even the kids that didn't hang out with the "farmer" crowd.....liked to come.  Especially if they had a steady boy or was prime sneak off to the barn.  Ah hem.....if ya know what I mean.

Now.....Cookie had a crush on a red cheeked, strawberry blonde fella named John Deere, from seventh grade to our senior year.  As we were making our plans, and decided the guest list.....of course he was on it.  I too, had a boy that I wanted to older "farmer-athlete," a football player.  The night of the party we were giddy with excitement.....everyone was coming.....and "the ones" that we really wanted there, had accepted our invites.

While I grew up in a rural community, and in college I was considered a country girl......I was the city slicker next to Tough-Cookie.  When we were getting the food ready, story goes, there was an indifference of how the chips should be served.....from the bag, or from a bowl.  "We are serving weenies from a stick!  The chips don't need to be in a bowl....."  She argued.   I guess I thought that was barbaric.  We served them in a bowl......I don't know who I was trying to impress.  I know now, that sixteen year old boys don't care if chips are in a bowl......and the two that were coming for us.....just wanted to get to the barn.

The party was fun.  A bonfire.....yummy hot dogs.....marshmallow fights.....hay~ride.....Garth Brooks and Hank Jr. blarin'.....laughter.....running in the fields.....aanndd.....taking a detour.  Right. Into. The. Barn.  We were going to see the pigs......yep.  Needed to check on the pigs.....

So lets level.....if you have never kissed a a bunch of grunting, my friend.....have not lived.  While we were kissin' our someone, by a bunch of wallowin' and snortin' pigs......I nearly jumped from my skin, upon hearing a death defining, blood curdling scream.  Evidently, Tough~Cookie had her appropriate limits of toughness......when it came to rodents.  While her, and John Deere were face planted into each other......she took a split second peek (guess she thought she was dreamin').....and saw a rat!  Well.....I just about peed my pants.....and wasn't gonna hang around to find out what was causing such horror.  I wanted a head start on whatever 1980's nightmare movie character, apparently was after us.  I wasn't going to chance, getting hung on a meat hook.  So long "Farmer-Football!"  I was a fast runner.

I made it back the the house in record time, only to look back at the boys, who were doubled over in hysterical laughter.....and Tough~Cookie stomping back.  "I saw a rat!"  She announced disgruntled.  "Oh.  That's it?"  I responded thankfully.  I was just glad that Jason, or Freddie weren't after us.....they seemed to hit a lot of teenager parties in the country.  "What happens in the barn, stays in the barn!"  She told me.  I could tell then, that her pride was hurt more at those farm boys laughing at her, than she was upset about seeing that rat.  "Well.....their the ones you need to tell that too" I threw back.  "Oh!  They know!"  She responded with authority.  So.....there was a code of ethics in confidentiality in God's country.....and I guess if you don't honor it.....

.....what goes around, comes around.....and pretty quickly out here.  First of all, the kissin' was over for the evening......second of all, the young lads' lack of chivalrous behavior pretty much caused the night to be called.  As John Deere was leaving, he backed his farm truck right into the ditch.....Tough~Cookies Daddy had to pull him out with the tractor.  He had some humble pie to eat.....and as he pulled away red faced....I yelled "What happens in the barn.....stays in the barn!"

That was more than 20 years ago, and through college.....a time that we lost track of one another.....marriages.....a divorce.....babies.....loss of a parent.....serious illnesses in the family.....and normal, boring~is~good, everyday life.....we are still friends.  We have been friends for 26 years.....our children, are friends now, too.

In honor of friendship......Tough~Cookies, Northern West Virgina business Llama's Bowtique, would like to give one Daisy Boots reader, a custom sized and colored, matchy~matchy "Tutu and Bow" set, for the little ballet~princess in your life.  All you have to do, is share a comment about one of your friends (in the comments section below, or my Facebook page) can be funny.....a tribute.....or something you enjoy together.  If you don't have a can make one up.  I went through that, when I was four.  I had two.....Amy and Micheal.....and they liked chocolate chip cookies.....

Deadline for comments is this Wednesday at 5 pm.  One winner will be picked at random.....and announced sometime this Thursday.  Anyone may enter to win.

Good luck.....have fun.....and remember.....

What happens in the barn.....stays in the barn!

Friday, March 9, 2012

JMM CD Winner!

Well.....anyone who is anybody is at the John Mark McMillian concert right now.  Obviously, I am not anyone who is anybody, because I am writing this blog post....sigh.  I wish I loved being in super tight, over crowed,  sweaty, pit smelly and overly loud spaces.....or I would be there too.  Alas.....I sit cozy and content in my jammies, listening to him on Spotify.

Thanks to all who stopped by to visit, and read about my shin~dig recommendation.  Hope you enjoyed his song story on Vimeo, and were able to check him out on YouTube.

The winner of his two CD's "The Medicine" and "Economy" is:

Niki W.!!!


More Daisy Boots fun to come soon.....and ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!!!  So don't go far now.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shin~Dig Music.....John Mark McMillian

I am usually behind the eight ball.....never a trendsetter.  I am not always up on the latest and greatest.....that is, until it is no longer late and great.  I am second hand in fashion, and a step behind in the newest music, entertainment, books, and the like.  But I have one thing.....that I am not behind on.....

.....the music of John Mark McMillian.

Biker Man and I lived in the south, the first decade, of our current century.  We moved there for Biker Man to attend a school of ministry for three years.  The local church, where the school was located, was lead by John Mark's dad.  While we do not know the family on a personal level, we were without doubt, influenced by the shepherding that we received during that season.  One of our most special, and memorable moments during our time there, was the service that our little Scout was dedicated.  John Mark's dad dedicated him.....

The one thing.....hands down.....that we took away from our time in that church, was the absolutely awesome worship music that was/is being created there.  There is no other music out there, that can match the amazing creative sounds and lyrical gifting, that is coming out of that church.  The worship music being played not created by another......what is being played there, is created by the one playing it.....all original works.  We had the privilege to worship under many talented professional artists and students.....who weren't there for human given kudos.....their hearts truly reflected a desire to give the One who gave all.  At the time, one of those young gifted artists, was John Mark McMillian.

Again, while we don't know John Mark personally, we did know his best friend Stephen.....a youth pastor at the church.  Stephen was one of the most stellar young men you could have ever met.  He was in our small group, and was never without a smile, or word of encouragement.  The church, and community were devastated, when Stephen died tragically in a car accident.  At his funeral, John Mark and his friends led worship.....I was jaw dropped at the creativity, sound and genuine passion of his music, and heartbroken over him weeping, as he shared the memory of eating strawberry Popsicle's with is best buddy.  I became an instant fan.....he became my favorite choice has not waived in 10 years.

"How He Loves" was written by John Mark as a tribute for Stephen, and was recorded on his 2005 album "The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down."  (Go to watch the song story)  It is a song that has touched the hearts of millions.  It was later recorded for the mainstream audience, and made popular by David Crowder.  Biker Man was at the worship service that John Mark sang it publicly for the first time.....he hasn't forgotten that moment.  We love The David Crowder Band.....but, there is nothing like hearing John Mark sing it.....complete with original lyrics.

John Mark has been our go to for every moment.....Biker Man likes to workout to him.....and I like to clean my house with him playing.....he has been great dinner music.....and time of reflection music.  I have also played his album during times of can you go wrong, with a band who claims The Muppet Show to be one of their sources of inspiration.....not to mention greats like Springsteen, Wonder, The Stones, Hank Sr., and Michael Jackson.....just to name a few.   His style is a mix of rock, alternative, soul, blues and gospel....and is something to be experienced.  My current favorite is "Skeleton Bones" which was recorded on his 2008 release "The Medicine."  Check him out singing this, on You Tube: will watch it more than once......reminds me a bit of young Johnny Cash.....another of my favorites.  This stuff is classic shin~dig sounds!

In honor of JMM touring.....and in our area this Friday night.....I am giving away not one, but TWO of his CD's....."The Medicine" and "Economy."  For a chance to win:

1~ Click on the link to my Facebook page.....
2~ Go to where I have shared this blog post.....
3~ Click on share.....and begin sharing this blog post, through Facebook, with others.
4~ The follower who has shared the most, by noon on Friday.....will win both CD's.
5~ Comment on my blog or Facebook page, how many times you shared, to be entered for a chance to win.....honor system!

Winner will be announced Friday evening the case of a tie.....your names will be put in a hat, and a winner drawn randomly.

Now.....go check out his music.....invite him to your next shin~dig.....I have a feeling......he may become one of your favorites too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Dinner Bell ~ Fresh Hobbit Food

My palette is very confused, due to the nuts-o weather that we have had, this past week.  Temps in the upper 60's, with serious tornado's just an hour from us, on one day.....then snow, the next.  Sooo.....went to the Piggly ~ Wiggly to do our grocery shopping.....and was having a hard time deciding what to buy.  Continue with our regular soups and stews.....or pull out my spring and summer menu?  The warm temps this week really teased me, and I started hankering for one of my sunshine recipes, that we eat quite regularly during the warm weather months.....

.....Lentil Salad.

I know it sounds very strange.....but it will change your life.  Along with the spinach noodle recipe, that I posted a few weeks ago.....this is also one of my comfort foods.  I could have a serious lack of feminine appeal while eating would be in my top "if you were stranded on a desert island" foods.  When I make this.....I have to double batch it.....this stuff doesn't last long.....and I would like to say it's because my guys are all over it......Scout really does love it.  But alas.....that would be fraudulent blogging.  I could sit down, and eat the whole double batch by myself, in one setting.  Notice I said "could"..... I have never done it.  If you are not careful, you could have a serious case of "colon~blow."

R2D2 discovered this treasure back in the 80's.  She was a fan of Jeff Smith, who had a PBS cooking show, "The Frugal Gourmet."  Of course, most ten year old girls are not interested in old men, who are cooking on public television, so I would usually just sit next to my mom while playing Barbies.  I could recognize the tune that would play, before and after the show, to this day.....and I can still hear him say, at each closing....."I bid you peace."  This dish was included in Jeff Smith's first cookbook, The Frugal Gourmet, and when R2 began making quickly became a staple in our household.  I don't know where I would be today.....without Lentil Salad.


~ 1 1/2 cups lentils
~ 1/2 teaspoon salt
~ 1/2 cup chopped parsley.....MUST be fresh people......NOT the dried nastiness.
~ 6 green onions.....chopped
~ 8 tablespoons of olive oil
~ Juice of two lemons.....or.....2 1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a pinch.....but fresh is better.
~ 2 cloves of garlic.....crushed.  Yes......the actual clove crushed in a garlic press.  You could get by with the minced garlic in a jar, in a pinch....but.....yep.....FRESH.  IS.  BETTER.
~ Black pepper to taste.....I like to grind it fresh.  (Oh hush!  R2 taught me to prefer fresh.....I am listening to my mother!)
~ 1/4 teaspoon ground coriander
~ 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin


~ Cover the lentils with water and bring them to a boil, then simmer until tender.....but not mushy.....'bout 30 minutes-ish.
~ Drain and completely cool them.
~ Place them in a bowl, and add the salt, parsley, and green onions.
~ Mix the olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, coriander, and cumin......a whisk is helpful here.
~ Toss with the lentils and chill.  Seriously, it is more tasty when you chill it time for all the ingredients to meld......but.....sometimes I cannot wait that long.

Traditionally, we have scarfed it down with corn chips.....but if you were a fly on the wall, you could maybe catch me double fist-ting it, with two large spoons.....not really.  I am not that far gone.  It is supposed to serve 6......but that depends on who's eating it.....such as hobbit type women, with tire tubes, lacking feminine appeal......yep.....those women could down a whole double batch in one setting.

I triple dog dare ya' to try it.....

I bid you fresh peace.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Finale Blues

Hi.  I'm Daisy Boots, and I'm a Downton-holic.

(Everybody say....."Hi Daisy.")

I'm suffering.....going through withdrawal pangs, because the PBS Masterpiece series "Downton Abbey," is over for the second season.  I have nine grueling months to wait, until the third season airs.  I am not sure I will ever reach sobriety over this.....

We are not big TV watchers in our house.  We don't have cable, and rarely have the TV on.....when we do, it is to check the weather, catch up briefly on current events, or to have some background noise while doing chores......such as a college ball game.  Maybe once a week, I will tune into Kathie Lee and Hoda while I fold laundry, and Scout is doing some independent school work.  We do like movies, and typically watch one on the weekend.  Scout enjoys his favorite cartoons on PBS or Netflix, but recently, we have limited more of his screen viewing, to give extra time for reading.

I didn't know "Downton Abbey" existed until a couple of months ago, when the buzz started among my Facebook friends.....guys included.....of it's boob-tube worthiness.  One of my girlfriends whose opinion of entertainment I most value, raved about it.  Had to check it out.....and check it out I did.  More sucked into a vortex, that I made no effort for escape.....INSTANT addiction.....couldn't stop watching.  I was like a young girl.....pining to spend time with my new love......staring dazily out the window.  School was still guys didn't live off peanut butter and jelly.....and the chores were somehow completed......but that was a miracle.....I don't remember any of it happening.

Rarely, do I have a desire to debate about anything, but the emotions that rose in me while watching this series, took me by surprise.  I wanted to jump in the TV.....take charge....telling them ALL the what-for, and where-how.  All of a sudden.....I admired and respected the character of Lord Grantham, and desired to work for him.....seriously began to hate Edith, and wanted to ring her neck, (though she grew on me in the second season).....had to kick Thomas' arsenal, (I think I could take him) though I'm afraid he might poison me afterwards..... wanted to glean from the Countess of Grantham's wisdom of running a home, facilitating healthy insight and communication between her loved ones......insisted on becoming Anna's best friend, and have her spunky wit, and gentle grace rub off on me.....

It was a week ago, that I invited the Crawley family into my home.....they quickly crawled into my heart, and I fell in and hard.  I did not pace myself well, while watching the first season on Netflix, and then devouring the second on  Yesterday, I watched the final episode for season two.....I sat there stunned to silence in front of my computer screen when it was over.....there were no more shows that I could click to watch......I felt empty and a junior high boyfriend had just broke up with me.  What would I would I survive.....did I have a future?  The finale blues set in.....

So I went to the freezer, pulled out a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.....and ate the whole thing.

I know.....bad.  Please, don't tell Biker Man.....he really doesn't know.....about any of it.  I trust you.  I will try to do better next any ideas?

***Season 1: Episode 1.....there is a brief scene between two men that may be offensive.  The rest of the series does not further include, questionable material.