Friday, March 2, 2012

The Finale Blues

Hi.  I'm Daisy Boots, and I'm a Downton-holic.

(Everybody say....."Hi Daisy.")

I'm suffering.....going through withdrawal pangs, because the PBS Masterpiece series "Downton Abbey," is over for the second season.  I have nine grueling months to wait, until the third season airs.  I am not sure I will ever reach sobriety over this.....

We are not big TV watchers in our house.  We don't have cable, and rarely have the TV on.....when we do, it is to check the weather, catch up briefly on current events, or to have some background noise while doing chores......such as a college ball game.  Maybe once a week, I will tune into Kathie Lee and Hoda while I fold laundry, and Scout is doing some independent school work.  We do like movies, and typically watch one on the weekend.  Scout enjoys his favorite cartoons on PBS or Netflix, but recently, we have limited more of his screen viewing, to give extra time for reading.

I didn't know "Downton Abbey" existed until a couple of months ago, when the buzz started among my Facebook friends.....guys included.....of it's boob-tube worthiness.  One of my girlfriends whose opinion of entertainment I most value, raved about it.  Had to check it out.....and check it out I did.  More sucked into a vortex, that I made no effort for escape.....INSTANT addiction.....couldn't stop watching.  I was like a young girl.....pining to spend time with my new love......staring dazily out the window.  School was still guys didn't live off peanut butter and jelly.....and the chores were somehow completed......but that was a miracle.....I don't remember any of it happening.

Rarely, do I have a desire to debate about anything, but the emotions that rose in me while watching this series, took me by surprise.  I wanted to jump in the TV.....take charge....telling them ALL the what-for, and where-how.  All of a sudden.....I admired and respected the character of Lord Grantham, and desired to work for him.....seriously began to hate Edith, and wanted to ring her neck, (though she grew on me in the second season).....had to kick Thomas' arsenal, (I think I could take him) though I'm afraid he might poison me afterwards..... wanted to glean from the Countess of Grantham's wisdom of running a home, facilitating healthy insight and communication between her loved ones......insisted on becoming Anna's best friend, and have her spunky wit, and gentle grace rub off on me.....

It was a week ago, that I invited the Crawley family into my home.....they quickly crawled into my heart, and I fell in and hard.  I did not pace myself well, while watching the first season on Netflix, and then devouring the second on  Yesterday, I watched the final episode for season two.....I sat there stunned to silence in front of my computer screen when it was over.....there were no more shows that I could click to watch......I felt empty and a junior high boyfriend had just broke up with me.  What would I would I survive.....did I have a future?  The finale blues set in.....

So I went to the freezer, pulled out a box of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies.....and ate the whole thing.

I know.....bad.  Please, don't tell Biker Man.....he really doesn't know.....about any of it.  I trust you.  I will try to do better next any ideas?

***Season 1: Episode 1.....there is a brief scene between two men that may be offensive.  The rest of the series does not further include, questionable material.

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