Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jumpin' Through Hoops

Wondern' where I have been for over a week?  I know you have been anxiously waiting by your computer, since about this time last week, expecting a post to pop up.

Yeah.  Right.

I was working on a post, that would have posted about this time last week......and got sidetracked.  Your gonna love it, when I do post's about how Biker Man swept me off my feet before we got married.....good juicy stuff!  Tee, he, he.....just kidding.  We don't talk about hanky panky here.  Well, actually.....we wouldn't be talking about hanky panky, cause what I am posting about is before marriage.  Shouldn't be hanky panky before marriage. But, we aren't gonna talk about hanky panky after marriage either.  That's personal and private.

Anyway.....guess I'm sidetracked again.....

About a week and a half ago, we were doing a community service project for Cub/Boy Scouts, and somehow a soon-to-be  Eagle Scout flew, and landed into my car, to assist me and Scout with our part of the project.  My little Scout was star struck.  Poor Eagle (who just happens to be home schooled also), could barely get a word in edgewise, as Scout was talking his ear off.  But then.....a question came, that is still hanging, heavy in the air.....that changed our lives......


Scout asked Eagle, what was his most favorite thing to do.  Eagle responded "I love to read.  I spend more time doing that, than anything else."  Well.  I knew better than to pipe into this conversation.  I was about ready to burst through the sun roof with excitement though.....but you would be proud of my little Chatty-Kathy tendencies.  I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT!  Then, little Scout asked Eagle what he liked to read when he was younger.  "I read all of the Magic Tree House books."  He responded, and continued to rattle off many other books and series.  I think this Eagle has read every book in the entire Library of Congress.

My little Scout was literally.....instantly.....bitten by the reading bug.

When we got home, he went tearing through his books.....and wouldn't ya know, found four Magic Tree House books.  I didn't know they were there.  "MOM!  I HAVE SOME MAGIC TREE HOUSE BOOKS!!!"  And then sat down and read them less than 48 hours.

When he was finished he came to me breathlessly, like he had just run a marathon....."Moooommm! (gasp for breath) We.....(gasp) get.....(gasp).....ALL.....of these books! (Long big gasp).  "I want.....(lighter gasp) OWN them all!" and pony show.  For the next few days (on top of trying to get a winning Pinewood Derby car ready), I felt like I was jumpin' through hoops.....organ grinding monkey and all......trying to find all 47 books for less than, the over $400 price tag, they would cost retail.

Hello Goodwill!  Thanks Half-Price Books!  So thankful for you, little..... quaint.....downtown used book store.  After posting an emergency need for these.....friends from afar, who believe it takes a community to raise a child, sent my Scout  whole packages full of them.....their children had read them.....and where ready to pass them on.  In the end, with just 3 left to purchase.....we where able to obtain 44 of them, for around $50!  And in just a weeks time......

I feel like "Mom of the Week."  Think I might go make me a certificate and hang it on the fridge.....

To celebrate reading.....I want to hear what your favorite reads are.  What books caused you to catch the reading bug as a child?  What book has changed your life?

Just post your comment below, or on Facebook.....and one comment** will be picked randomly to receive a copy of Scouts favorite Magic Tree House book (as of today), #10 "Ghost Town at Sundown," Become a kid again and read it yourself, or pass it onto a reluctant reader, who needs to catch the bug.  Winner announced on Friday.

Now off to cozy next to my little reader.....just to watch him read.  This Daisy Mama is happy.....

**You must have a United States address, to be eligible to win.

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  1. i love your comment "mom of the week"...i started a new bedtime routine w/ my 4 year old, "drama king" who is really hard to get to bed and asleep w/o it taking hours and lots of struggles. the 3rd nnite hew went to be w/ no fussing and fell asleep w/in 10 min...i remember feeling sooooooo AWESOME. i told my husband..I DESERVE the mom of the year award...because i ROCK. LOL. Thank God for some GRACE! cuz i was at my wits end. On to teh book question! I loved Amelia Bedilia books, the Little People series, and of course Judy Blume...i tried the "i must i must i must increase my bust" exercises secretly in my room for a long time didn't work. lol..i guess i learned we will each "blossom" in God's time. LOL. I too was a reader and loved it..i thank my mom for that wonderful gift!