Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Happens in the Barn, Stays in the Barn! Until.....

Well.....that is until the technological age entered the world.....and your friend starts a blog.....and needs material......

Sooooo.....I grew up in a small rural community.  In our high school, just like every one in America, there are the cliques of kids.....much like what is portrayed in John Hughes' 1985 movie, "The Breakfast Club."  There are brains.....princesses.....athletes.....basket cases.....and criminals. was clearly evident, that Hughes did not portray the film having taken place in a Mid~Western state.  If he had.....he would have included in the

In seventh grade, the groupie lines are not as clearly drawn, as they are once you get into high school.  Of course there are the cliques.....but they are more broadly defined.....popular and unpopular.  Now.....quite honestly, I didn't see myself in either.  I was however, a gymnast, and the spring before my eighth grade year, I made the cheer squad for the upcoming year.  I also made a rare, life~long friend......Tough-Cookie.

Tough-Cookie made the squad too......and she began introducing me to a lot of her pals, that would fall into the "farmer" group our freshman year of high school.  She was raised in the south part of the county where Farmers Rd. ran a long stretch.....and many of the reputable hog farming operations were located nearby.  She was a country girl through and through.....pretty as the wildflowers sproutin' up on the side of a country road, and an itty--bitty thing.....and shew wee!......she could wrestle a hog!  Her Daddy had her raisin' and showing hogs through 4~H early on......those little piggies put her through college!

Anyway.....once we got into high school, and continued making the football cheer squad together each season through our senior year.....we were nearly inseparable mid-August through the beginning of November.  There we many sleep overs at her house or mine.....we have gotten in trouble together, and spent many an hour bumping along in her 1972 olive green Maverick together.....coming to and from our houses.....back and forth to cheer leading practice, and Friday night games in our matchy~matchy shoes, flippy skirts and hair bows.  Many years we ended our season by celebrating our birthdays together.....hers on Halloween, mine on All Saint's Day.

One of those years our parents agreed, that we could have a big party out at Cookie's house.....complete with a big bonfire, and all the fixin's.  Shin~digs in the country were popular among the teens.  Even the kids that didn't hang out with the "farmer" crowd.....liked to come.  Especially if they had a steady boy or was prime sneak off to the barn.  Ah hem.....if ya know what I mean.

Now.....Cookie had a crush on a red cheeked, strawberry blonde fella named John Deere, from seventh grade to our senior year.  As we were making our plans, and decided the guest list.....of course he was on it.  I too, had a boy that I wanted to older "farmer-athlete," a football player.  The night of the party we were giddy with excitement.....everyone was coming.....and "the ones" that we really wanted there, had accepted our invites.

While I grew up in a rural community, and in college I was considered a country girl......I was the city slicker next to Tough-Cookie.  When we were getting the food ready, story goes, there was an indifference of how the chips should be served.....from the bag, or from a bowl.  "We are serving weenies from a stick!  The chips don't need to be in a bowl....."  She argued.   I guess I thought that was barbaric.  We served them in a bowl......I don't know who I was trying to impress.  I know now, that sixteen year old boys don't care if chips are in a bowl......and the two that were coming for us.....just wanted to get to the barn.

The party was fun.  A bonfire.....yummy hot dogs.....marshmallow fights.....hay~ride.....Garth Brooks and Hank Jr. blarin'.....laughter.....running in the fields.....aanndd.....taking a detour.  Right. Into. The. Barn.  We were going to see the pigs......yep.  Needed to check on the pigs.....

So lets level.....if you have never kissed a a bunch of grunting, my friend.....have not lived.  While we were kissin' our someone, by a bunch of wallowin' and snortin' pigs......I nearly jumped from my skin, upon hearing a death defining, blood curdling scream.  Evidently, Tough~Cookie had her appropriate limits of toughness......when it came to rodents.  While her, and John Deere were face planted into each other......she took a split second peek (guess she thought she was dreamin').....and saw a rat!  Well.....I just about peed my pants.....and wasn't gonna hang around to find out what was causing such horror.  I wanted a head start on whatever 1980's nightmare movie character, apparently was after us.  I wasn't going to chance, getting hung on a meat hook.  So long "Farmer-Football!"  I was a fast runner.

I made it back the the house in record time, only to look back at the boys, who were doubled over in hysterical laughter.....and Tough~Cookie stomping back.  "I saw a rat!"  She announced disgruntled.  "Oh.  That's it?"  I responded thankfully.  I was just glad that Jason, or Freddie weren't after us.....they seemed to hit a lot of teenager parties in the country.  "What happens in the barn, stays in the barn!"  She told me.  I could tell then, that her pride was hurt more at those farm boys laughing at her, than she was upset about seeing that rat.  "Well.....their the ones you need to tell that too" I threw back.  "Oh!  They know!"  She responded with authority.  So.....there was a code of ethics in confidentiality in God's country.....and I guess if you don't honor it.....

.....what goes around, comes around.....and pretty quickly out here.  First of all, the kissin' was over for the evening......second of all, the young lads' lack of chivalrous behavior pretty much caused the night to be called.  As John Deere was leaving, he backed his farm truck right into the ditch.....Tough~Cookies Daddy had to pull him out with the tractor.  He had some humble pie to eat.....and as he pulled away red faced....I yelled "What happens in the barn.....stays in the barn!"

That was more than 20 years ago, and through college.....a time that we lost track of one another.....marriages.....a divorce.....babies.....loss of a parent.....serious illnesses in the family.....and normal, boring~is~good, everyday life.....we are still friends.  We have been friends for 26 years.....our children, are friends now, too.

In honor of friendship......Tough~Cookies, Northern West Virgina business Llama's Bowtique, would like to give one Daisy Boots reader, a custom sized and colored, matchy~matchy "Tutu and Bow" set, for the little ballet~princess in your life.  All you have to do, is share a comment about one of your friends (in the comments section below, or my Facebook page) can be funny.....a tribute.....or something you enjoy together.  If you don't have a can make one up.  I went through that, when I was four.  I had two.....Amy and Micheal.....and they liked chocolate chip cookies.....

Deadline for comments is this Wednesday at 5 pm.  One winner will be picked at random.....and announced sometime this Thursday.  Anyone may enter to win.

Good luck.....have fun.....and remember.....

What happens in the barn.....stays in the barn!


  1. Love fun to relive such wonderful memories...i'd love to hear ole john deere's version of events. LOL. <3

  2. Life-long friends are hard to come by - I have only 1 person that I've known since junior high that I still stay in touch with on a regular basis (probably b/c I'm the only living person not on FaceBook!). While we didn't have many barns in Hamilton, Kelly stood by me through the outrageous big hair-styles, questionable fashion choices, and many a petty high school squabble. Here's to friends who "knew you when..."!

  3. My friend Becky and I used to live on Mackinac Island... one evening the boredom got to us and we put on headlamps and played "ice golf" with spoons and ice cubes on Mission Points Putt-putt course. I don't know what was more challenging - entering the "closed course", seeing the ice cubes in the dark OR the fact that is was summer and the ice was melting! Good times :)

  4. My husband and I are blessed to share a friendship with the same person since grade school. Dennis has always been a part of our lives even before my husband and I knew one another. Despite the sometimes different life paths and geographical distances that have popped up over the years, our friendships have remained. Now more than ever, we are very grateful for his presence in our lives because of our new baby daughter, Lily. I believe she has changed his world almost as much as our own and his love for her is undeniable. Cheers to great friends!

  5. I met a girl when I was about 5 and she was about 3 and we became friends. She was a cheerleader and smart and and friendly and outgoing and definitely in the popular crowd, while I was just a band geek, smart shy girl. She pretended to be me on the phone once and called a boy I liked to ask him out. He said yes and we went to a movie together, but he was quiet like me so it was awkward as I need to be around chatty people to bring out my conversation. Anyway...I don't need to people to do my phone calls anymore, thank goodness!

  6. I just got a friend 3 years ago. We go shopping and out to eat every week or so. It is wonderful to have someone to share things with and to have adult conversation.

  7. My best friend is my daughter, Layla, and hope to be able to say that for the rest of my life! On July 4, 2009, when I found out I was pregnant, I was speechless. I had just moved out on my own and had only been in my first apartment for 1week! I was going through a lot of emotions-scared, happy, anxious, etc, but have never believed in abortion and knowing that my now fiance' only had about 20% or less chance of ever conceiving, I knew it was fate. On February 27, 2010, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, and since that day we have been basically inseparable. I love my daughter/best friend with all my heart!

  8. I enjoyed reading your blog! My BFF is Shannon. We recently became good friends through our boys who play soccer together. We love to shop and enjoy going out to dinner from time to time! :)

  9. Without a doubt, my best friend is my husband of 19 years.

  10. Loved this_ brought back some memories for me, I found myself giggling and past remembering on some funny moments just like this- which is another story on its own. It would be interesting and yet funny to hear the other side by John Deere, his side of things...Because, sometimes what needs to stay in the barn_sometimes sneaks out!

  11. I enjoyed the reading! My best friends are... Mom dad my 3 sisters and my husband. Lol I can't pick just 1!

  12. great reading, my best friend when I was a teenager and I still talk on the phone, and we haven't seen each other for years!

  13. Absolutely loved this story! It's been so long since I was a teen, I can't even remember much in particular! I was always the shy one--didn't even like to walk to the pencil sharpener in front of others in study hall! My husband keeps me in stitches telling some of the antics he and his best friend managed to get into--sounds like something the Hardy Boys adventures would consist of! Rebekah, you have such a gift of taking your readers right into the places you have been! Love it! (Love you!) Keep up the wonderful work! (we all need it)!

  14. I met my best friend when we were 6 years old. She is a fiery red-head. We loved to read mystery books as we got older and you could often find us acting out scenes from some of our favorite books...Nancy Drew, and the Mandie series. She and her family moved to Papua New Guinea as missionaries right before our 13th birthdays. We were devastated as we had always shared our birthdays. (We are the same age, one month apart) We couldn't believe we were finally entering the "magical years" (or so we thought about being a teenager! We thought that was when all the "cool" stuff happens)without each other! They did eventually have to come back to the States because of her father's health, but our family had already moved a state away to be with my Dad's side of the family. We stayed in touch over the years, but there is nothing like having that person around the corner from you! Last year me, my husband, and our three children moved to the same town as my childhood best friend! She and I could not be more thrilled and you can usually find us hanging out once or twice a week and still laughing our heads off like we are six years old. :) Here's to the kind of friendships that last a lifetime...

  15. Thanks everyone, for sharing! I LOVE each of you! So appreciate you taking time to stop by, and say "hey"