Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Daisy ~ Things That Make Me Laugh

We have all heard it said,  "laughter is the best medicine."  I know that the majority of us could speak to this, and would agree.  I certainly do.  But how many of us, in the daily, mundane activities of life, would say that they purposely seek out this medicine?  Not very many.  Most of us, me included, are usually only treated with this preventative elixir, by happenstance.....as a result of something funny someone says or does, or by something seen or heard via a media source.

Friend.....life IS hard.  It IS painful.  It IS serious.  There is no getting around it, and we would be fools not to grasp the reality of it, in our own lives, or in care for others.  But, as we walk through our journeys of life.....the highs and lows, in and outs, ups and downs.....there is one tool that can be used, if it's wielded correctly......that can be the balm of Gilead in our own hearts, and in the souls of others.....LAUGHTER!

Many people are naturally gifted in the area of quick wit and humor.  That would not be me.  There are many though, that have artistic genius, and turned their painful experiences into a source of joy.  Those who have known me the longest.....or well.....wouldn't use the word "funny" in a top ten list, describing my character.  It has only been somewhat recently, that I have been able to impart a mediocre spark of humor, into the hearts of others.  One of the greatest compliments that I have received, through feedback from my blog, interactions with others on Facebook, or on occasion in person, is....."that is so funny!"

It has been a personal goal of mine, that our family laugh more.  I also LOVE to make others laugh!  Not to gain attention.....but to give others a gift for their soul.  Just like all of you, we have jobs, errands, chores, school, activities, family members who are ill, and friends who are in crisis and need.  Life is so full, and can get so bogged down.  We forget to stop, and take a moment to enjoy life around us.....even just for a second.  So today, I thought I would share some things that make me laugh.....in hopes that you would too!

1 ~ My friends.  American Beauty has been one of my oldest friends, that I can honestly say has given me a lifetime of laughter.  If I am going to be with her, I have to wear protection of some sort.  She is one, that has a gift of quick wit and creativity.  She can turn any moment into a doubled over, pants tinkling experience.  Surround yourself with people that make you laugh.  Purpose to be with them.  Let them know that their gift of humor is a blessing in your life.  Not long ago, I expressed to one of my Facebook friends, how much I appreciated her hysterical posts.  I know it sounds corny.  Who cares.  Her and I live states away from each other, and where never close friends, but her insightful humor is such a regular gift in my life.

2 ~ Our pets.  Animals have their own personalities.....and for those of you who are animal people, know, what a source of entertainment they can be.  Why do our cats like to fetch Scouts Nerf bullets, like a dog?  Why do they attack paintbrushes?  Don't know.  But it is fun to watch.  When they are wrestling, running after one another, or fighting, Biker Man acts as Howard Cosell, ringside at a boxing match.  Then there's Black Dog.....don't know where to start here, except that he has taken an interest in open toilets lately.....

3 ~ People watching.....you name the public place.  Our society has immeasurable opportunities to laugh.  Just look around you, add a bit of carefully chosen, and harmless commentary.....viola!  Free entertainment.

4 ~ Professional comics.  I am sure you have your favorite, but here are a few of mine, with a link to get you started.  Here is Bill Cosby, and his chocolate cake routine (http://youtu.be/sRmN4KnfPxQ).  He of course is classic.  Nothing I say can give him justice. 

Tim Hawkins, on turning 40.....a reality in my life this year (http://youtu.be/-z98Yev1v-k ).  He is a family friendly favorite, for a few years now (say that fast five times).  No worries of language usage, or any topics that are inappropriate for your kids.  But.....HE. IS. HYSTERICAL!

My recent find is Brian Regan (http://youtu.be/Rmun8GK6o2c), here he is, on buying a refrigerator.  I have a couple of his routines in queue with Netflix.  Think I may watch one tonight. With the dawn of Internet, and You Tube, the sources for a great belly buster are endless.

5 ~ Pioneer Woman.  If you are a regular Daisy Boots reader, then you already know my obsession with her.  What drew me to her, was her book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.  It is the story of how she met and fell in love with her husband.  Before reading this book, I had heard of her.  But I got sucked into her blog, after this read.  It is so much fun.....her skilled humor is cheap therapy.  Find something funny or FUN to read.  Think you don't have time to read something, that is not promoting "growth," isn't spiritual, or serious?  I would like to respectfully appeal to your whole being.....who said enjoying a light read that is fun or funny isn't growth or spiritual?

6 ~ Biker Man.  His underlying dry wit, usually comes out with those that he is closest to, or spends the most time with.  What a treat it is to be a part of that circle!  For me, hearing him laugh is music to my hears.....laughter is contagious!  Do you have walls up that impede you from laughing freely.....or quickly?  Things to serious?  Lighten your load.....laugh with those around you.

Last but not least.....

7 ~ Scout.  Many of you have a kid, or two.....or three....or four.....or many more in your life.....so you know how their antics, can keep you rolling.  As I have shared before, Scout's middle name is "he shall laugh" and we sure named him correctly.  His goofy.....almost 8 year old self, keeps us on our toes, and laugh lines in our faces.  Spend time with a child that is close to you.....or ask to borrow one for a few hours.  Most Mom's I know, could use the break.....and as Scout told me the other day, when leaving him with R2D2....."Shoo!  I need a break from you too!"

What makes you laugh?  Who are the people around you that keep you rolling?  Read something lately that is noteworthy humor......please share!

Think I may eat my lunch watching Brian Regan don't want to wait for a laugh.......makes an ordinary day, a little less ordinary.

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