Friday, April 20, 2012

The Undercover Birthday Poem

The love was overwhelming.....from our family and Scout's buds, as we recently celebrated his eight birthday.  Eight is great!  I can predict, loads of fun in our future.....

We outlined the evening with a spy theme.  Mac Daddy had front door detail, and interrogated the guests as they arrived.  He was part of an intelligence unit in the he is official.....and knew the right questions to ask.....before the boys could receive security clearance into our house.

"Do you change your underwear everyday?"
"Are you carrying anything dangerous or harmful that could blow up the house?
"Do you pick your you eat the boogers?

Later we found out that Agent HP-8 was in fact, packing heat, of the Nerf variety.  He was able to get through security somehow.  I think it is a good thing, that Mac Daddy retired.  If if was found out that he missed that one.....our world could be at stake.  MAJOR security breech.

Each guest was stamped (so their parents could check their expiration later).....issued their i.d. badges.....and a top secret folder, that held highly confidential tools.  You know like a notebook, pen, flashlight, glow-stick bracelets.  Gotta be prepared.....

After everyone arrived.....they enjoyed the typical party food for eight year old, chips, pop, broccoli, carrots, grapes, pineapple, black olives (a tradition here.....Scout receives a can of them from Aunt Suzy.....the one who calls me Margaret.....for every holiday she can make up an excuse, to buy them for him).  They filled up on broccoli, carrots, grapes, pineapple and olives.....asked for water to drink.  I think Agent BS-9 lead that peer pressured escapade.  Wonder if his mother gave him a lecture before he came.....or maybe they were saving their Weight Watchers points for the Dark Chocolate Fudge (Nutella filled) cake, iced with Dark Chocolate Mocha icing......and Breyer's Chocolate Reese's ice cream that Agent SV-7.....who just happened to be with us when shopping.....picked out.

They wanted to quickly switch gears and get on with the mission at hand.  It was found out, that a gift that arrived for Scout, had mysteriously disappeared.  They had clues, to figure out what may have happened to it.....was it stolen?  Or just missing?

It was quickly apparent that the clues were to easy.  I am not smarter than a THIRD grader.  Except that one of the clues definitely stumped was hidden in the linen closet, and the hint for it was related to where towels were stored.  Agent NP-10 wisely answered "depends on the house," while Agent HP-8 (I think he has a future being a covert operative.....he was able to get a gun in the house without Mac Daddy knowing it) answered, "Well......towels are kept in a closet.  That's how we do it." 

Once the present was was time!  The part.....that kids fantasize about all year long.....opening presents!

Scout received countless gifts of variety, from generous souls, that marked the overwhelming evidence of Grace in his life.  A couple of them I want to share with you.....and one in particular that's pretty darn special.....

~He has a new arsenal of automatic powered water weapons.  It would be wise for you not to show up at our house unannounced.

~A CSI Bionic Ear, that evidently Biker Man has called his own.  I left to take kids home, and he told me he was going to bed.....he was so exhausted.  When I came home over an hour later.....he was still up and playing with it, having Scout ask him endless questions in a whisper, to test it's radial capacity.  I guess it really works.....we may have to put some serious restrictions on that one.  Agent HP-8, again, in all his wisdom, piped in and said "better not talk loud when planning the next party."  That's not what I was worried about......

~The missing present turned out to be magical.  Scout's favorite character Jack, from the Magic Tree House books, sent him a red backpack and red All-Star Converse sneakers.....just like what he wears in the books.  I think those shoes may fit me.....

Last but not least.....Scout was given this poem by R2D2, to reveal her and Mac Daddy's gift to him.....

Undercover Birthday Poem  by: R2D2

Go pack your bag
You'll be gone four sleeps
You're headed for adventure
With Meemaw and Peeps!

Go grab your glasses
Go grab your map
Go grab your toothbrush
And your favorite hat.

Go kiss your Mom
Go hug your Papa
Give one to Black Dog
Wave bye to Tala (R2's dog).

Throw out your car seat
Now that your eight
You no longer need it
Isn't that great!

We leave in a week
Cross off every day
If you count up to seven
That's not far away.

Where are we headed?
What direction, which way?
Just watch for the sign
That's says Hershey PA!

Scout was speechless.  I cried.  So very special.....a memory forever.

Guess we should watch "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" this week.....the original one.  Think if Scout watched the one with Johnny Depp, he would cancel his trip.

Wonder if he will see Oompa Loompas?


  1. Great story! <3 it! =)

  2. For sure a great memory!!!
    Thanks for commenting.....:)