Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eeek! I Forgot I Had a Blog.....

Apparently.....since my last post.....I forgot I had a blog.  Eeek!  Not good.  But, I will take a moment to recap our goings-on.  I promise to get back on the wagon.....I know I owe you a final posting in the series "What Not to Say."  I haven't forgotten about you work-at-home moms.

My last post was in regard to my continued weight loss.  I weigh in tomorrow. and may be contemplating a continual weight gain.....in the last two weeks.  I have eaten so much crap.  Cub Scout Camp, surviving without my Biker Man while he was gallivanting in other countries, a church get-together, and Memorial Day shin-digs haven't helped my efforts.  I think the only success I can boast about, is that I totally didn't forget that I was on Weight Watchers.

Sooo.....we went to Cub Scout Camp.  Scouts main take away was learning how to arm-pit fart with a straw.  Proud of him.  He is going to debut his act on his Skype date, with Sweet Biscuit's boy, sometime this week.  That should be entertaining.

Speaking of Cub Scout Camp.....wish we could have a Cub Scout Parents Camp.  We had so much fun around the camp fire at night, after the kids went to bed.  I laughed until I peed my pants.....think next time we should leave the Cubs at home.....

When we got home from camp, Biker Man was gone.  He went to Africa.  Yes.  I'm serious.  He came home a week later.  But, during that time I didn't sleep.....I don't sleep well when he is gone.  I get all whopper-jawed.....and then I eat crap, forget I have a blog, and allow my child to arm-pit fart with a straw on Skype.

Scout had his end of the year academic assessment with a specialist who has her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University.  It was a very productive meeting, as we review the year, structured his summer goals, and evaluated the year to come.  She is a most encouraging assessor.....not only to Scout, but to me as well.  She celebrated big, many of his accomplishments, like reading, and scouting.  She wanted to see all he'd done.....and he showed her many things.  I held my breath the whole time, expecting him to show her his latest and greatest trick, with a straw.  Somehow it flew under the radar.....this time.

Scout crossed over into a new rank.....from Wolf to Bear.  A big deal in the life of an eight year old boy.  Sadly, Biker Man missed the ceremony, due to being out of the country.  But Mac Daddy and R2D2 were there.....wouldn't miss it.  But, who wouldn't have wanted to miss an important yearly scout ceremony as this.....who would want to miss twelve boys karate chopping each other, as the current candidate for a new rank, tried to pass through their raised arm bridge?  Oy, oy, oy.....

Then, came Memorial Day festivities.  Flag placing in cemeteries.....parade marching.  Real important stuff.  The parade consists of a cop car stopping traffic.....all of maybe five cars going 10-15 mph in our village.....lights, sirens.....the whole thing.  Then there is the Color Guard.....with five men.  Then, the Cub Scouts.....with six boys.  Then the Boy Scout Troop.....of about a dozen.  Then the marching band.....about two handfuls.  There were more people in the parade, then there were lining the streets to spectate.  A real Mayberry experience.  Don't blink.....you'll miss it.....but it still makes our little village of "family, farmers and friends" proud.

Which brings us to the start of summer.....a friends pool opening.....hot dogs on the grill.....popcycles.....wet bathing suits that are wadded in the bathroom floor....scent of sunscreen.....watermelon running down the chin.....a day that is slow, to sit.....it all gives perspective on the important.....


Oh yeah.  I forgot.....we went to pick strawberries too.

The start of a perfect summer.....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Biggest Daisy Weighs In ~ Week 2

Sooo.....this week proved to be a little bit more challenging than the first.  I guess the newness of my weight loss attempt is wearing off, and the rubber is meeting the road, so to speak.

It was also an opportunity to learn how to navigate social settings......which eh.....I did okay, but not great.  I entered my weigh in this morning, having consumed to many points.  I was in the red.

Friday night was a fun girlie evening.....and of course involved food.  I had planned ahead, and knew that I wasn't going to concentrate on what I ate, but how much of it I ate.  I was going to give myself a free night and enjoy samplings of all the goodies, but to limit portions.

That didn't work.  I needed one of my friends to shout at me "PUT YOUR HANDS UP......AND WALK AWAY FROM THE TABLE!!!"  You shouldn't fellowship standing next to a table full of food.  Epic fail.

While driving home, I didn't beat myself up.  I have "free" points that I can use anyway that I'd like during the week.  So I just wiped them out.  But.....I forgot Mother's Day was coming.

Biker Man and Scout took me out to a chain restaurant after church, for lunch.  While we normally wouldn't have gone to this particular one, I choose it because they partner with Weight Watchers, and have several choices on their menu, where points are already calculated.  I had studied the menu online before we went, and knew what I was getting.  This works well.....I didn't even look at the menu when we got there, so I wasn't tempted in another direction.  Except.....

for when the dessert menu came.

There is a new strategy in dessert marketing for restaurants.....they're called "shooters."  I have been to a few places that have them.  Basically, it is a slightly over sized shot glass, with just a few bites of a decadent dessert inside of it.  The portion size definitely doesn't insert guilt, neither does the price tag.....which causes people not to think twice when ordering, and it quickly increases sales.  Smart!

So without guilt on Mother's Day, I ordered the chocolate mousse shooter......one of the yummiest things that I have ever shoveled into my face.

That's the day I went into the red.  I actually went for a walk in the rain when we got home.....after having researched the point value of that shooter.

To help you understand and compare......the majority of dinner's that I make at home, since starting, are a points value of 10 or under.  My meal at the restaurant was 12 points.....which was a very nice 7oz sirloin steak with caramelized onions, and mushrooms, roasted potatoes, and broccoli.

This little shot glass full of 4-5 bites of decadent chocolate was.....get ready.....

13 points!!!

It wasn't worth it.  That was more than my well calculated steak meal.

Monday was slim pickin's.....I calculated each crumb, to compensate my indulgence from Friday night, and Sunday.  Then out of the blue.....I received the most unusual encouragement, from the most unlikely source.

"Mom.....why are you doing Weight Watchers?"
"Well.....I want to be healthy.....for you, for me, for Papa.....for a long time."
"Well.....I don't want a skinny mommy.  I don't want a fat mommy.  I want you just the way you are."

I was speechless.  I was overwhelmingly touched.

Be still my heart.

Unknowingly to him.....his innocent words gave me the encouragement that I needed, and motivated me, to keep at it.  While I may have had a small set back.....or two, it's worth losing a few small battles, in order to gain vision, to get back up and fight.....to win the whole war.

And pleasantly.....much to my surprise.....the week was an overall success.

"Daisy Boots, when you first weighed in, you weighed 158 lbs.  This week your current weight is.....

153.5 lbs.  for a loss of 2 lbs. this week, and a TOTAL weight loss so far of.....

4.5 lbs!"

Yippee Skippy!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Ode to R2D2

Tis the season, giving honor, where honor is due,
So R2D2.....
This is for you.

Now that I'm a Mom, I certainly understand,
Why so many times.....
You wished to put your head in the sand.

No matter the ups, or the downs,
Many days.....
Of too many frowns.

Then we were given, a little guy,
From that day.....
Hearts began to fly.

Scout's like me, and a handful too,
Motherhood's given me.....
More respect for you.

One thing is for sure, one thing is true,
Never question.....
That I love you!

More than ever, you should know too,
The confidence that I have.....
That you love me.....GOBS!

*PS.....I'm not a poet,
And I know it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Biggest Daisy Weighs In ~ Week 1

Sooo.....I stepped my fluffy little hobbit body on the scale this morning, and wondered if I will still be of hobbit nature, once I reach my weight goal?

Over a year ago, Scout and his R2D2 where looking at a nice coffee table book about gnomes.....I am assuming gnomes and hobbits are similar.  As they were looking through this book together, they turned to a page that went into great detail, artistically, about the female anatomy of a gnome.  R2D2 very quickly tried to redeem the situation, to protect innocent eyes, from seeing such shocking realities.  She very discreetly and without panic, tried to turn the page, and draw great attention to the building materials of gnome homes.  Well.....Scout would have none of that, and wanted to turn back to "that" page.  We all learned that day that gnomes have big breasts, and very fluffy tummies.....and not all coffee table books about gnomes, are for children.

I can empathize with Female Gnome, and her fluffy tummy.

The following are a few bumps in the road that I hit over the last week.....as I began my journey of counting points.....exercising more, and drinking water until I bust.

~ Trying not to lose all social graces.....and have self control, by refraining from licking my plate at the end of each meal.

~ Again, trying not to lose all social graces.....and have self control, by refraining from eating to many sugar free chocolates.  Have you heard what that stuff does to you?  Would be an epic loss of social graces......but chocolate was a NEED last week.

~ Being humbled by my child's insightful humor.  As Scout was learning to drive our tractor, I decided to hop on the back, to let him drive me around.  Unknowingly, Biker Man had adjusted the seat all the way forward, so that Scout's feet could reach the pedals.  As I tried to sit down on the seat.....it was a very tight squeeze.  Scout exclaimed "Gosh Mom!  No wonder your on Weight Watchers!"

Overall, the week was successful.....which was reflective of my weigh in this morning.

"Daisy Boots.....your current weight is.....

155.5 pounds.....with a total weight loss of 2.5 pounds!"

Proud of me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Biggest Daisy

I have this thing around my waist that resembles a child's floating device.....and my hind quarters are going no where fast.

I feel and look, as if I am going to bounce away to the land of cotton balls and marshmallows, with the Michelin Man.

I have decided TODAY that I am going to shred my tire tube.

Believe it or not, once upon a time I was itty-bitty.  Like.....when I was a baby.  Really.  I was so tiny that R2D2 didn't think she could keep a diaper on me.....

I was an average size kid, but always a hearty eater.  Still am.  Always will be.  Eating like a bird, to portray some sort of figure preserving beauty, won't happen here.  Hand me a fork and knife.....steak and potato, and put a bib on me.  I am not ashamed to be a hungry girl.  Please pass the bread basket....two please! 

I've always had this pooch that stuck out, as if I were waiting for a joey to come, and jump in.  I was never one of the skinny-minnies in high school, and like many, was self conscious about my appearance and weight.  I credit the pressured culture of our society, for such an unhealthy image that I had, and many girls and women struggle with.  It is disheartening.

In college, I earned a Bachelor of Science, having studied health appraisal and enhancement, and minoring in nutrition.  If I had continued in my field, I would have most likely worked in large companies, within their work site wellness programs, which ultimately serves in lowering insurance costs.  So I KNOW what to do, and how to make right choices for healthy living through diet and exercise.

But alas.....like many.....the demands of life, and the busyness of it, got in the way of making time for good choices.....and at the beginning of 2003, I found myself weighing 175 pounds.

I am 5 foot and 1.5 inches.  Standard.....for a female hobbit.  So this weight, with my height, is significant.  I could have honestly had a future with the Muppet Show, had Miss Piggy ever decided to call it quits.  I was not overweight.  I was borderline OBESE!  This was sobering......not to mention that Biker Man's sister was getting married that summer, and had asked me to stand with her.  All her friends had ideal athletic figures.  I did not want to look at her wedding photos in years to come, and be the only fat bridesmaid.

So I joined Weight Watchers.

I lost 50 pounds!!!

I loved the "new" me.....so did Biker Man.

I got pregnant.

Sooo.....here we are now, nine years later.....life is overflowing.....making the best choices is hard.....

.....and I'm flirting with the Michelin Man again.

I joined back up today.

My goal is to reach my pre-pregnancy weight, which is reasonable, as I weighed that at age 30.  I had also been married 7 years, prior to getting pregnant.  This goal is smack dab in the middle of  my healthy weight range (109 - 137 lbs.) for my age and height. 

If the contestants on the "Biggest Loser" can stand on the scale, half naked, with the majority of their stuff hanging out, for God, their Mama, and a gabazillion viewers to see.....I can share with you candidly, my weight loss journey.....

As Allison would said....."Daisy, your current weight is....."

158 pounds.

Here we go.....