Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Biggest Daisy Weighs In ~ Week 1

Sooo.....I stepped my fluffy little hobbit body on the scale this morning, and wondered if I will still be of hobbit nature, once I reach my weight goal?

Over a year ago, Scout and his R2D2 where looking at a nice coffee table book about gnomes.....I am assuming gnomes and hobbits are similar.  As they were looking through this book together, they turned to a page that went into great detail, artistically, about the female anatomy of a gnome.  R2D2 very quickly tried to redeem the situation, to protect innocent eyes, from seeing such shocking realities.  She very discreetly and without panic, tried to turn the page, and draw great attention to the building materials of gnome homes.  Well.....Scout would have none of that, and wanted to turn back to "that" page.  We all learned that day that gnomes have big breasts, and very fluffy tummies.....and not all coffee table books about gnomes, are for children.

I can empathize with Female Gnome, and her fluffy tummy.

The following are a few bumps in the road that I hit over the last week.....as I began my journey of counting points.....exercising more, and drinking water until I bust.

~ Trying not to lose all social graces.....and have self control, by refraining from licking my plate at the end of each meal.

~ Again, trying not to lose all social graces.....and have self control, by refraining from eating to many sugar free chocolates.  Have you heard what that stuff does to you?  Would be an epic loss of social graces......but chocolate was a NEED last week.

~ Being humbled by my child's insightful humor.  As Scout was learning to drive our tractor, I decided to hop on the back, to let him drive me around.  Unknowingly, Biker Man had adjusted the seat all the way forward, so that Scout's feet could reach the pedals.  As I tried to sit down on the seat.....it was a very tight squeeze.  Scout exclaimed "Gosh Mom!  No wonder your on Weight Watchers!"

Overall, the week was successful.....which was reflective of my weigh in this morning.

"Daisy Boots.....your current weight is.....

155.5 pounds.....with a total weight loss of 2.5 pounds!"

Proud of me.

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