Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Biggest Daisy Weighs In ~ Week 2

Sooo.....this week proved to be a little bit more challenging than the first.  I guess the newness of my weight loss attempt is wearing off, and the rubber is meeting the road, so to speak.

It was also an opportunity to learn how to navigate social settings......which eh.....I did okay, but not great.  I entered my weigh in this morning, having consumed to many points.  I was in the red.

Friday night was a fun girlie evening.....and of course involved food.  I had planned ahead, and knew that I wasn't going to concentrate on what I ate, but how much of it I ate.  I was going to give myself a free night and enjoy samplings of all the goodies, but to limit portions.

That didn't work.  I needed one of my friends to shout at me "PUT YOUR HANDS UP......AND WALK AWAY FROM THE TABLE!!!"  You shouldn't fellowship standing next to a table full of food.  Epic fail.

While driving home, I didn't beat myself up.  I have "free" points that I can use anyway that I'd like during the week.  So I just wiped them out.  But.....I forgot Mother's Day was coming.

Biker Man and Scout took me out to a chain restaurant after church, for lunch.  While we normally wouldn't have gone to this particular one, I choose it because they partner with Weight Watchers, and have several choices on their menu, where points are already calculated.  I had studied the menu online before we went, and knew what I was getting.  This works well.....I didn't even look at the menu when we got there, so I wasn't tempted in another direction.  Except.....

for when the dessert menu came.

There is a new strategy in dessert marketing for restaurants.....they're called "shooters."  I have been to a few places that have them.  Basically, it is a slightly over sized shot glass, with just a few bites of a decadent dessert inside of it.  The portion size definitely doesn't insert guilt, neither does the price tag.....which causes people not to think twice when ordering, and it quickly increases sales.  Smart!

So without guilt on Mother's Day, I ordered the chocolate mousse shooter......one of the yummiest things that I have ever shoveled into my face.

That's the day I went into the red.  I actually went for a walk in the rain when we got home.....after having researched the point value of that shooter.

To help you understand and compare......the majority of dinner's that I make at home, since starting, are a points value of 10 or under.  My meal at the restaurant was 12 points.....which was a very nice 7oz sirloin steak with caramelized onions, and mushrooms, roasted potatoes, and broccoli.

This little shot glass full of 4-5 bites of decadent chocolate was.....get ready.....

13 points!!!

It wasn't worth it.  That was more than my well calculated steak meal.

Monday was slim pickin's.....I calculated each crumb, to compensate my indulgence from Friday night, and Sunday.  Then out of the blue.....I received the most unusual encouragement, from the most unlikely source.

"Mom.....why are you doing Weight Watchers?"
"Well.....I want to be healthy.....for you, for me, for Papa.....for a long time."
"Well.....I don't want a skinny mommy.  I don't want a fat mommy.  I want you just the way you are."

I was speechless.  I was overwhelmingly touched.

Be still my heart.

Unknowingly to him.....his innocent words gave me the encouragement that I needed, and motivated me, to keep at it.  While I may have had a small set back.....or two, it's worth losing a few small battles, in order to gain vision, to get back up and fight.....to win the whole war.

And pleasantly.....much to my surprise.....the week was an overall success.

"Daisy Boots, when you first weighed in, you weighed 158 lbs.  This week your current weight is.....

153.5 lbs.  for a loss of 2 lbs. this week, and a TOTAL weight loss so far of.....

4.5 lbs!"

Yippee Skippy!

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