Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Biggest Daisy

I have this thing around my waist that resembles a child's floating device.....and my hind quarters are going no where fast.

I feel and look, as if I am going to bounce away to the land of cotton balls and marshmallows, with the Michelin Man.

I have decided TODAY that I am going to shred my tire tube.

Believe it or not, once upon a time I was itty-bitty.  Like.....when I was a baby.  Really.  I was so tiny that R2D2 didn't think she could keep a diaper on me.....

I was an average size kid, but always a hearty eater.  Still am.  Always will be.  Eating like a bird, to portray some sort of figure preserving beauty, won't happen here.  Hand me a fork and knife.....steak and potato, and put a bib on me.  I am not ashamed to be a hungry girl.  Please pass the bread basket....two please! 

I've always had this pooch that stuck out, as if I were waiting for a joey to come, and jump in.  I was never one of the skinny-minnies in high school, and like many, was self conscious about my appearance and weight.  I credit the pressured culture of our society, for such an unhealthy image that I had, and many girls and women struggle with.  It is disheartening.

In college, I earned a Bachelor of Science, having studied health appraisal and enhancement, and minoring in nutrition.  If I had continued in my field, I would have most likely worked in large companies, within their work site wellness programs, which ultimately serves in lowering insurance costs.  So I KNOW what to do, and how to make right choices for healthy living through diet and exercise.

But alas.....like many.....the demands of life, and the busyness of it, got in the way of making time for good choices.....and at the beginning of 2003, I found myself weighing 175 pounds.

I am 5 foot and 1.5 inches.  Standard.....for a female hobbit.  So this weight, with my height, is significant.  I could have honestly had a future with the Muppet Show, had Miss Piggy ever decided to call it quits.  I was not overweight.  I was borderline OBESE!  This was sobering......not to mention that Biker Man's sister was getting married that summer, and had asked me to stand with her.  All her friends had ideal athletic figures.  I did not want to look at her wedding photos in years to come, and be the only fat bridesmaid.

So I joined Weight Watchers.

I lost 50 pounds!!!

I loved the "new" me.....so did Biker Man.

I got pregnant.

Sooo.....here we are now, nine years later.....life is overflowing.....making the best choices is hard.....

.....and I'm flirting with the Michelin Man again.

I joined back up today.

My goal is to reach my pre-pregnancy weight, which is reasonable, as I weighed that at age 30.  I had also been married 7 years, prior to getting pregnant.  This goal is smack dab in the middle of  my healthy weight range (109 - 137 lbs.) for my age and height. 

If the contestants on the "Biggest Loser" can stand on the scale, half naked, with the majority of their stuff hanging out, for God, their Mama, and a gabazillion viewers to see.....I can share with you candidly, my weight loss journey.....

As Allison would said....."Daisy, your current weight is....."

158 pounds.

Here we go.....


  1. Daisey, u r beautiful inside and out. i wish u much success on ur journey and know you can do it!!! i am proud of ur desire to behealthy yet keeping it all in line! =)

  2. Keeping it in line is right....cause it's for sure gotten outta line!

  3. I'm proud of you too. I'm on a similar journey--not with WW though. Are you doing it online or going to meetings somewhere?

    1. I am doing it online.....the meeting schedule for my area wasn't doable on a weekly basis.....and I didn't want to give anymore time for something else I had to "be at." I am happy with the online as it is very user friendly, and I don't have to use my brain for calculations.....it is also half the price of the meetings.

    2. Okay! That sounds good...especially the half of the price. You can do this!

    3. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Though I may lose all manners in the process.....I am wanting to lick my plate to take advantage of every morsel possible! Oy, oy, oy.....

  4. Get a European scale and you'll instantly feel better about your weight! ;) j/k. Keep up the good work, friend!

    1. Yep! Maybe I'll get me one of those! ;)