Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check Marks Speak Louder Than Words I am going to take a moment, and spout out my thoughts about politics.....not that it really matters.  But here she goes!

I hate them.

I knew a man once, that was heavily involved in sharing his political opinion, in a progressive southern city.  He grew very respected, by readers from one particular publication, that he wrote into often.  I asked his wife one day, if he ever considered running for office.  She replied that he couldn't because he wasn't an American citizen.  "Has he tried to become an American citizen?"  I asked.  "Oh.  He has gone through everything, he just hasn't completed some paper work, or registered to vote."  She replied.  "Why?"  I continued.  "Because he won't take the time to do it," she answered.

I was flabbergasted!  I lost all respect for this man's opinion, because he was lazy.  It made me want to write into the publication and ask their readers, if they knew that this gentleman, whose opinion they so highly upheld......was not a citizen of the United States of America, based on the sheer fact, that he wouldn't take the time to finish paperwork, and register to vote.

For the record.....I didn't disagree with his views.

I am not a debater.  The views that I hold politically, I usually hold quietly to myself.  The bantering, even from the party that I support, is repelling to me.  It is sooo confusing, stressful, and just plain nasty.  I choose not to listen to it.....and I know,  probably to the detriment of me being well informed, and educated on campaigns, administrations, and policies.   I have a hard time intelligently articulating my thoughts and opinions on politics, which is why I usually keep quiet.....and listen to learn, from the sources that I trust, and am most comfortable with.

Then, I take my quietly held thoughts, convictions and opinions......and quietly speak out, as loudly as I can.....with a the polls.

With all due respect to your freedom of speech.....your voice, opinion, thoughts, and convictions are going to be heard.....most loud and clear.....with your vote in November.  Irregardless of your position.

If you are going to talk the talk.....then you better walk the your neighborhood poll.....

.....because, right now in our country.....check marks are going to speak louder than words.

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