Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mac Daddy's Favorite ~ Sausage and Gravy

One thing that Mac Daddy and I share together, is a love for foods that....."your not supposed to eat."  Like a good ole' hot dog and cream.....donuts.....a whole host of other things, but especially a good country breakfast.

Now R2D2 always cooked healthy, but yummy meals.....and not a lot of country cooking.  I didn't grow up observing, or knowing how to make certain things, that would be associated with a traditional country gravy.

I am a okay cook.....but not like R2D2.  When I would pull together a meal that called for gravy, like at the holidays, it would be from a jar or can.  Guilty.  The thought of making gravy intimidated me for some reason.  It seemed complicated.....people are picky about their gravy.  I didn't want the stress.

But, into my 12th year of marriage....I got a hankerin' to overcome my fears, and learn how to make gravy.  R2D2 taught me what she knew, about making sauce for beef and noodles.....I took it from there.

I was liberated.  I couldn't believe how easy it was.....and that I could make it, successfully.

I have become a gravy making fool.  Scout loves it.....Biker Man does too, but prefers R2D2's healthy options.  Once I became comfortable with the basic beef or chicken gravy, then I decided to branch out....

....sausage gravy!  I'm goin' big time.....

I didn't even know where to start on this.  So I called up my trusty southern Sweet Biscuit.....who has thrown down many a biscuit, with sausage gravy in her young day.  I knew she would help me learn how to make the goods.

Boy did she ever!  The first time I made it.....I couldn't believe I did it!  I can't remember the occasion that I wanted to make it for Mac Daddy.....but when I did.....he turned into Bill Murphy, in the movie "What About Bob."  Oh.....he behaved.....but it was hard for him.  He was almost giggling.....

He made it very clear "not to change a thing!"  Of course all the credit went to Sweet Biscuit....but I was so pleased, that I could make something for my Dad, that he loved so much.

So this Father's Day.....we are savoring a rare Sunday morning together, with Mac Daddy and R2D2.  I am making a country breakfast.....

.....I can't wait to finish this I can go to the morning will come I can cook.....and giggle along with my Dad, as we enjoy sausage gravy.

Here's the recipe.....

Sweet Biscuit's Sausage Gravy


~About 1 lb. of sausage of choice.....I use a roll of Bob Evan's.  He is king in our parts.....

~2T-ish of flour

~Heavy cream.....or whole milk.  I am using heavy cream.  If you ain't gonna do it rite people.....don't do it.

~Salt n' Peppa'


~Brown the sausage.

~Don't drain the grease.....(I had to work on overcoming this.....but I only make it about twice a year.....once you add the will be okay.)

~Add about 2T of flour.....depending on the amount of grease.  Combine well.

~Add heavy cream.....combine well.

~Let simmer.

~Add more cream or milk as needed, till you reach the consistency desired.

~Add salt and pepper to taste.

~Add over biscuit.  I use Grands.  They are grand.  I know.....I'm a fake....but that is my next task.  Learning how to make biscuits from scratch.  I am intimidated by the butter.....pastry blending thing.....

Don't be like me.....

Happy Father's Day Mac Daddy!!!  Your Daisy loves you!!!!!

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