Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Respecting the President

Okay.....I have another political pondering, that has been eating at me all summer.  If you read my first political post, "Check Marks Speak Louder Than Words,"  you understand my overall personal position, in regards to talking about politics.  But......there is one thing.....since the current administration took office, that I have had very strong feelings about.....

.....the level of disrespect expressed towards our current President.  It is upsetting to me.

Before you get all wrapped around your axle.....hear me out.

I did not vote for him.  I will not be voting for him.  But the majority of my fellow citizens DID vote for him.....including a few of my evangelical friends, and family members, who I really care about, love and respect.  While I may agreeably disagree with my heart, I am convicted not be disrespectful in my comments, toward the President of the United States.

I have little ears listening, and little eyes watching me at all times.  I want Scout to grow up with an appropriate and healthy ability, to articulate and debate what he believes, respectfully.  If he hears me bashing, slandering, or attempting wise cracks towards the President.....the highest authority in our country.....what is that teaching him, about the attitudes we should carry, towards those in leadership over us?  Our country in general, is on a slippery slope as it is, with the level of accepted disrespect towards authority in our country.....whether it's towards parents, teachers, law enforcement, elected officials, or EACH OTHER.  Our country is crumbling in many ways, at the roots.....but I believe it is coming from the roots of our hearts.

While I do not agree with many things about our current administration, one thing I am very thankful for, is that diversity finally reached the highest office in the land.  I rejoiced, with many of our dearest friends, in that fact.  Because there is a sprinkling of friends and family, in our closest circles that are Obama supporters, Scout is able to hear views from both sides, regularly.  Eventually, he is going to make his own decisions about what he believes politically.  What I want to train him most in, is not necessarily how think through policy, or how to vote.....but that the Office of the Presidency should be respected, irregardless of who is in office.

As I spout this, I also recognize the importance.....and power.....of free speech in our country.  It has caused mountains to move in areas, that were needed for change, and the betterment of our entire society.  I just don't think the disrespect is needed. 

But.....I know, I don't know everything.

I've said my say.....I am getting down off my soap box now.  Don't send me hate mail, or picket in my yard.  I have an 8 year old in karate.....who thinks he can take you.....and a black lab who will lick your face off.  You would die of the stench.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seriously Reconsidering Priorities

Golly gee ned!  I am still recovering from a insanely crazy busy that made us step back, and seriously reconsider our priorities, calendars, and schedules.  I was literally in tears at one point, feeling so very overwhelmed.  School started this week......and I was very thankful to slow down into the ordinary.

After hitting the wall one day (figuratively)......I sat in my bed, and just cried.  We all have those moments.  Biker Man came in from work, and sat next to me.....and listened to me boo-hoo, and snot all over my sleeve for about 20 minutes.  I knew in my heart that something had to give.....not just in the temporary.....but in the long term.  While we don't have a poor quality family life.....we know it can be better.....and always improved upon.  Our lives are pretty simple in many ways.....but in my heart, I want it to be even simpler.....for the sake of my family.

A couple weeks ago, an old pal's son, was tragically killed in an accident.  The loss of this precious 6 year old boy, has rocked the world of this sweet family......and the emotions and grief, have ripple effected hundreds within their community, and circles......and maybe even thousands, through the power of social media.  For me, and I am sure for many others, it has made us slow think.....and evaluate the MOST important.  After having a few conversations with my dear hubs, over a period of is what came of that serious reconsideration.

Priority #1 - All is only but by the Grace of light of the Gospel.  The Gospel is gives is Light for our dark journeys in this life.  If I don't walk in Truth, to gain Hope,  to have Light for my way.....I am lost.  When I don't prioritize this FIRST.....I have no life.  When I have no life.....I have nothing to give to others.....primarily Biker Man and Scout.

Priority #2 - If I don't take care of myself, and our living environment SECOND......then I don't feel good, and everything around us is chaotic.  No friends......this is not selfish.  If I don't make, and take the time to exercise, eat right and care for my appearance......then I don't have the strength and confidence to care for others.  AND......if I am to busy to keep basic order in the home.....then I am too busy.....there is a lack of peace......then it all starts to crumble.

Priority #3 - The people that you live with, under the same roof, are the most important people in your life.  There are seasons that you have to be radical, to make time for THEM!  That means making decisions that others will criticize and question......and tell you that you are "doing" it wrong.  If you don't stick to your guns.....then you are allowing others, and your calendar to dictate the precious, and fast speeding time in your life.

The Fix - For each of us it will be different, depending on the priorities that you set.  For example, and to get your juices flowing for your own priority fixes......I am going to share my personal fix, during this we go!

Biker Man travels a lot for his job.....and in the summer he teaches motorcycle safety classes.  He does this to assist in continuing to keep me that we can home school, and so that I can be a home maker.  Sooo.....on top of me holding down the fort.....and having a full time job home, I have a small part time job too, that takes me out of the house a couple of times a week......hours are dwindling.  Scout is an only child, and MUST have social interaction among his that takes us out of the house a couple more times a week.  That leaves us with only two days during the week, and one weekend day that we don't have to "be" somewhere that is regularly scheduled.  Sooo......

We have decided that on those days, during this season......NOTHING is to be scheduled that is a regular commitment, outside of requirements for work or school.  "Why Daisy!  One of those days is Wednesday!!  What about church stuff?"  NOPE.  (GASP!!!)  "Oh my goodness......the other one is Saturday......what about service projects.....what about fellow-shipping.....what about, what about!?!" of the greatest services that you can give towards your community, is to present to it a healthy, well educated, well rounded adult, at age 18.  If you don't make the time......and take the time to invest into your marriage, children and family, by being together.....I am afraid you may have regrets.  The more that we are involved with outside the home......the less we are able to be involved with inside the home.  Time is fleeting......NOW is the time!

The other thing that we are doing......which I have ALREADY been "questioned" about is the fact that we get up dark-o'thirty as a homeschooling family, and require Scout to get up by the alarm at 6:15 am.  We are terrible parents.  This is teaching him, that you have to be disciplined to get up, to WORK.  Just like his father has to do everyday, to support our family.

"Daisy!  Homeschooling is supposed to be your own pace.  You get up at 5:00 am to home school!?!"  No my friend.  I get up at 5:00 am to have some quiet time, so that I am ready to love and care (instead being a crazed woman.....who's slamming down a bowl of Sugar O's), for those two precious guys, that come down for a hot breakfast every morning at 6:45 am.  Our daily family breakfast and devotional time,  the majority of the time, is the only meal that is guaranteed that we will be together everyday.....due to work commitments, and Scouts activities in the evening.

Are these fixes easy?  No.  Are they worth it?  YES!

We start school at 8 am.  We are done by noon.  We have the rest of the day.....:)

I am a stay-at-home mom, and home maker.  I absolutely love my job!  I want to savor every second of the time, I have with my only child......and the precious offerings this season of our lives brings.  Sooo.....  If you don't mind......I am going to stay home and home make......