Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Respecting the President

Okay.....I have another political pondering, that has been eating at me all summer.  If you read my first political post, "Check Marks Speak Louder Than Words,"  you understand my overall personal position, in regards to talking about politics.  But......there is one thing.....since the current administration took office, that I have had very strong feelings about.....

.....the level of disrespect expressed towards our current President.  It is upsetting to me.

Before you get all wrapped around your axle.....hear me out.

I did not vote for him.  I will not be voting for him.  But the majority of my fellow citizens DID vote for him.....including a few of my evangelical friends, and family members, who I really care about, love and respect.  While I may agreeably disagree with my heart, I am convicted not be disrespectful in my comments, toward the President of the United States.

I have little ears listening, and little eyes watching me at all times.  I want Scout to grow up with an appropriate and healthy ability, to articulate and debate what he believes, respectfully.  If he hears me bashing, slandering, or attempting wise cracks towards the President.....the highest authority in our country.....what is that teaching him, about the attitudes we should carry, towards those in leadership over us?  Our country in general, is on a slippery slope as it is, with the level of accepted disrespect towards authority in our country.....whether it's towards parents, teachers, law enforcement, elected officials, or EACH OTHER.  Our country is crumbling in many ways, at the roots.....but I believe it is coming from the roots of our hearts.

While I do not agree with many things about our current administration, one thing I am very thankful for, is that diversity finally reached the highest office in the land.  I rejoiced, with many of our dearest friends, in that fact.  Because there is a sprinkling of friends and family, in our closest circles that are Obama supporters, Scout is able to hear views from both sides, regularly.  Eventually, he is going to make his own decisions about what he believes politically.  What I want to train him most in, is not necessarily how think through policy, or how to vote.....but that the Office of the Presidency should be respected, irregardless of who is in office.

As I spout this, I also recognize the importance.....and power.....of free speech in our country.  It has caused mountains to move in areas, that were needed for change, and the betterment of our entire society.  I just don't think the disrespect is needed. 

But.....I know, I don't know everything.

I've said my say.....I am getting down off my soap box now.  Don't send me hate mail, or picket in my yard.  I have an 8 year old in karate.....who thinks he can take you.....and a black lab who will lick your face off.  You would die of the stench.


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    1. So glad that you are touched.....
      Have a great day!

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    1. Thanks Stephanie!!! Hope to see you 'round here more often! :)