Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is Your Neighbor? (GIVEAWAY)

I have had many neighbors in my lifetime.

When I was three I called the guy across the street "Sexy Virgil."  Obviously I had heard that from avoid incriminating anyone.....I won't try to guess who I heard it from.....or why I would have called him that.

At about the same age I learned what a neighbor was from this video.....

Our garbage man does not wear a hat like that.

When I was four I picked all the tomatoes off of our neighbors tomato plants.....(It wasn't "Sexy Virgil's".....who lived across the street.....which I wasn't allowed crossing alone).  The damage was so bad, that R2D2 felt she needed to buy them tomatoes for the rest of the season.  She sent me over to knock on their door.....every week.....with a bag of tomatoes.

In college I had a lot of neighbors.....I don't even remember all of their names.....but for an only child, living in an all girls dorm away from home for the first time.....was fun.....hanging out in various rooms all hours of the night.....doing whatever college girls do.  Ah hem.....

After Biker Man and I got married.....our first apartment was a cultural melting pot in a northern part of Cincinnati.  Every time we walked into our building, we got a whiff of Indian food.....soul delivery.....or Chinese cuisine.  ALL. AT. ONE. TIME.  I don't miss that apartment.

Our first home-ownership-real-neighbors entered our lives when we moved to North Carolina, in the third year of our marriage.  We lived in that house for almost 10 years.  Mr. and Mama S, who are my parents age, became (and still are) our family.  We had keys to each others homes.....taking care of pets.....talking over the fence.....helping me when I was pregnant.....and then planting a flower bed after Scout was born.  Numerous meals in care for one another, passed through our doors.  But one night when I was coming home from somewhere.....(Biker Man was traveling).....I was SO sick.  Scout was only a few months old.  My mom lived states away.....and I desperately needed help.  Mama S works at a hospital, and that night I prayed she would be home.  She was, and when I called in tears.....telling her I needed a "Mom" to help me.....she came right over, without concern of herself.  Her and her adult daughter cared for me, and my baby all evening until we were both sound asleep for the night.  I will never forget the love I felt being cared for by them.  We now live states away from one another.....but EVERY time we are there.....we see our neighbor-family.

When we moved from our southern home.....we specifically prayed for good neighbors.  We not only got one.....or two.....but THREE great sets of neighbors!!!

We have the grandparents two doors down, who I have had to call late at night.....(again, Biker Man was traveling) come help me when my well pump got hit by lightening.  He came RIGHT away.  I have also had to take shelter in their basement during Tornado season.  They have brought me birthday cakes and presents.....and are always available if we need them.

Then we have the teacher artist husband.....and an Angel-Baby-Girl.....who have brought me soup when I was and drawings to Scout.....spontaneous treats.....birthday surprises....and helped with projects that we have been involved in.

On the other side we have the good-ole'-boy family.  They work hard.....and a lot.  He is in construction to provide for his family.  She has sold all kinds of things here and there, to help take care of her family.....and to be available to their girls.  Right now she is selling Thirty-One.....

I have fallen in love with it's products and mission.  With some extra birthday money, end of the year bonuses, and Christmas......I have been able to treat myself!

This is my favorite piece.....the Large Utility Tote.  A couple of my friends have these and rave about them!!!  I love the sturdiness and the metal brace that frames the top.  I was able to pack an entire week of clothes in it, for a recent trip.  ( be honest, I'm not your typical girl.  I pack light.)

This was a total splurge and not needed at all......but the pattern made me smile and can go with so many is the Retro Metro Bag.....and can be carried as a purse, carry-on,  or diaper bag.  It has a feminine rugged look.....whatever that means.....I just made that up.

I have bought the Mini Utility Bin to use for a trash can in my car......the Timeless Beauty Bag for travel.....and the Thermal Tote for snacks in the car.

This one is super cute......and IT CAN BELONG TO YOU!!!  My neighbor is giving this away to a Daisy Boots reader!

This is the All in One Organizer.....great car catch all....lunch box.....or make-up caddy.....there are countless ways it can be used.

For a chance to win.....make a comment in the comments section below.....before noon on Wednesday, January answering:

"What is the most special thing a neighbor has done for you?"

A winner will be picked from our friends at and will be announced on Wednesday evening.

Hope you win!!!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Eight Year Old Lens

The paparazzi moved into our house this the form of my eight year old and his new iPod.  In the first 48 hours he had taken over 190 pictures.

I decided to sneak a peek.....

Of course.  His first self portrait.  How sweet.

He ordered this hair cut.  I could have saved  $15.....taken a ruler and pen.....marked it.....and cut straight across.

This is encouraging.  Ode to his grandparents on his iPod.  Mac Daddy and R2D2 get two thumbs up.  The Fonz must be coming back around.

This is my FAVORITE.  I may have broken every copyright law, and infringement of technology privacy on this one.  I downloaded it without Scout's permission, and am using as the lock screen on my device.  When he takes me to court, I will tell the judge....."I'm the mom."  Then the judge will slam his gavel down and say....."Case closed."

Of course there are no pictures of me right now.....I am not popular.

OH WAIT!!! Here I am!  The double chinned photo bomber.  Look.....I received several lotions and goop for Christmas.  Scout picked out "Twisted Peppermint."  This must be a cool factor for eight year old boys when their friends come over.....that their mom smells like a candy cane.  Aunt Suzy gave me some Shea Butter stuff.....and then I also have "Dark Kiss."  Hmmmmm.....

Mace Windu looks like a bad dude......but.....he's apparently a good dude.  (Trying to remember my facts.  I get quizzed from time to time.)

Here we go.....

Look at the detail.....

OH!  Good!  The manufacturer's emblem is very clear.....

Very pointy.

 Fine craftsmanship.

Oops!  For a moment, I thought I had mistakenly clicked on a link to Craigslist, or Ebay.

Reminds me of my grandparents in Florida, taking a roll of film of their strawberry plant.

Obviously he is very proud about this coming of age privilege.

Awww.  Of course.  His dog.

And our little piglet.....she eats everything.....but is not fat like her sister, Chunky Monkey.....who was not available for pictures.  She's jealous of her Lean Cuisine sister.

This is a framer.  Guess what he's REALLY into right now?

Yes.  That is a weapon that you see there at the bottom.  If he goes to the Olympics.....I am a cool mom.  If he  takes out the neighbors was Biker Man's idea.

Well.  There you have it.

The lens of an eight year old.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sister Cookie's Counsel

Sooo...Daisy Boots has not stomped off the edge of the earth.  I haven't been in hiding.....though I would like to be at times.

The last few months have been quite be honest.  Everyone goes through those seasons.  For me I just need to be quiet.....silence can be golden.  I would rather post less, with a greater quality of material to ponder, or brighten your day.....than just to chat your ear off.....and not be heard at all.....or waste your precious time.  Less is more.....

The political scene of our country is kinda depressing.....the division is heartbreaking.  There has been so much sadness with innocent children killed.....a friend battling for her life.....and my stupid blood pressure is acting goofy.....thanks to genetics.  Parenting is hard sometimes.....Biker Man travels, and I miss him so much.

There has just not been much to say.

BUT.....I know that I must walk in thanksgiving.....there is so much of that to focus on......

Like a candle lit.....for another year of life.

The warmth of home.....ones to love.....and waiting for caramel apples from the oven.

(Yes.  I used those cheapy apple wraps.  If you milked the cow, and harvested the sugar, and made homemade caramel on the stove.....and then posted it on win.) our country.....and in Christ.

Early in our marriage, Biker Man and I ran a boys home.  That is a blog post, or more.....(like a's a miracle we are not in a looney bin up north somewhere) for another day.  We worked for an international Catholic organization, and for some reason, the boys were gone for a weekend.  I remember one of the nuns, Sister Cookie.....yes.....that WAS her name.....and no.....I didn't change it to protect her innocence.....she would tell you she wasn't, and that she wouldn't care if she was in my blog.  Anyway.....she told Biker Man to take me out dancing that weekend.  On TABLETOPS!!!  The environment of the boys home was very stressful a lot of the can imagine.

I got to thinking about that today.....and think that would be a good idea.  Maybe.  As long as we didn't get arrested.  Biker Man could loose his job.  Then I would have to get a job.....and the jobs I would want, wouldn't want to hire me, because I was dancing on tabletops and got arrested.

Maybe we will just go dancing.  Plain.  No tables.