Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sister Cookie's Counsel

Sooo...Daisy Boots has not stomped off the edge of the earth.  I haven't been in hiding.....though I would like to be at times.

The last few months have been quite be honest.  Everyone goes through those seasons.  For me I just need to be quiet.....silence can be golden.  I would rather post less, with a greater quality of material to ponder, or brighten your day.....than just to chat your ear off.....and not be heard at all.....or waste your precious time.  Less is more.....

The political scene of our country is kinda depressing.....the division is heartbreaking.  There has been so much sadness with innocent children killed.....a friend battling for her life.....and my stupid blood pressure is acting goofy.....thanks to genetics.  Parenting is hard sometimes.....Biker Man travels, and I miss him so much.

There has just not been much to say.

BUT.....I know that I must walk in thanksgiving.....there is so much of that to focus on......

Like a candle lit.....for another year of life.

The warmth of home.....ones to love.....and waiting for caramel apples from the oven.

(Yes.  I used those cheapy apple wraps.  If you milked the cow, and harvested the sugar, and made homemade caramel on the stove.....and then posted it on win.) our country.....and in Christ.

Early in our marriage, Biker Man and I ran a boys home.  That is a blog post, or more.....(like a's a miracle we are not in a looney bin up north somewhere) for another day.  We worked for an international Catholic organization, and for some reason, the boys were gone for a weekend.  I remember one of the nuns, Sister Cookie.....yes.....that WAS her name.....and no.....I didn't change it to protect her innocence.....she would tell you she wasn't, and that she wouldn't care if she was in my blog.  Anyway.....she told Biker Man to take me out dancing that weekend.  On TABLETOPS!!!  The environment of the boys home was very stressful a lot of the can imagine.

I got to thinking about that today.....and think that would be a good idea.  Maybe.  As long as we didn't get arrested.  Biker Man could loose his job.  Then I would have to get a job.....and the jobs I would want, wouldn't want to hire me, because I was dancing on tabletops and got arrested.

Maybe we will just go dancing.  Plain.  No tables.

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