Friday, December 28, 2012

The Eight Year Old Lens

The paparazzi moved into our house this the form of my eight year old and his new iPod.  In the first 48 hours he had taken over 190 pictures.

I decided to sneak a peek.....

Of course.  His first self portrait.  How sweet.

He ordered this hair cut.  I could have saved  $15.....taken a ruler and pen.....marked it.....and cut straight across.

This is encouraging.  Ode to his grandparents on his iPod.  Mac Daddy and R2D2 get two thumbs up.  The Fonz must be coming back around.

This is my FAVORITE.  I may have broken every copyright law, and infringement of technology privacy on this one.  I downloaded it without Scout's permission, and am using as the lock screen on my device.  When he takes me to court, I will tell the judge....."I'm the mom."  Then the judge will slam his gavel down and say....."Case closed."

Of course there are no pictures of me right now.....I am not popular.

OH WAIT!!! Here I am!  The double chinned photo bomber.  Look.....I received several lotions and goop for Christmas.  Scout picked out "Twisted Peppermint."  This must be a cool factor for eight year old boys when their friends come over.....that their mom smells like a candy cane.  Aunt Suzy gave me some Shea Butter stuff.....and then I also have "Dark Kiss."  Hmmmmm.....

Mace Windu looks like a bad dude......but.....he's apparently a good dude.  (Trying to remember my facts.  I get quizzed from time to time.)

Here we go.....

Look at the detail.....

OH!  Good!  The manufacturer's emblem is very clear.....

Very pointy.

 Fine craftsmanship.

Oops!  For a moment, I thought I had mistakenly clicked on a link to Craigslist, or Ebay.

Reminds me of my grandparents in Florida, taking a roll of film of their strawberry plant.

Obviously he is very proud about this coming of age privilege.

Awww.  Of course.  His dog.

And our little piglet.....she eats everything.....but is not fat like her sister, Chunky Monkey.....who was not available for pictures.  She's jealous of her Lean Cuisine sister.

This is a framer.  Guess what he's REALLY into right now?

Yes.  That is a weapon that you see there at the bottom.  If he goes to the Olympics.....I am a cool mom.  If he  takes out the neighbors was Biker Man's idea.

Well.  There you have it.

The lens of an eight year old.

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  1. I laughed so hard I could barely calm myself down to repeat things to Brian! Hilarious!