Monday, December 31, 2012

Who is Your Neighbor? (GIVEAWAY)

I have had many neighbors in my lifetime.

When I was three I called the guy across the street "Sexy Virgil."  Obviously I had heard that from avoid incriminating anyone.....I won't try to guess who I heard it from.....or why I would have called him that.

At about the same age I learned what a neighbor was from this video.....

Our garbage man does not wear a hat like that.

When I was four I picked all the tomatoes off of our neighbors tomato plants.....(It wasn't "Sexy Virgil's".....who lived across the street.....which I wasn't allowed crossing alone).  The damage was so bad, that R2D2 felt she needed to buy them tomatoes for the rest of the season.  She sent me over to knock on their door.....every week.....with a bag of tomatoes.

In college I had a lot of neighbors.....I don't even remember all of their names.....but for an only child, living in an all girls dorm away from home for the first time.....was fun.....hanging out in various rooms all hours of the night.....doing whatever college girls do.  Ah hem.....

After Biker Man and I got married.....our first apartment was a cultural melting pot in a northern part of Cincinnati.  Every time we walked into our building, we got a whiff of Indian food.....soul delivery.....or Chinese cuisine.  ALL. AT. ONE. TIME.  I don't miss that apartment.

Our first home-ownership-real-neighbors entered our lives when we moved to North Carolina, in the third year of our marriage.  We lived in that house for almost 10 years.  Mr. and Mama S, who are my parents age, became (and still are) our family.  We had keys to each others homes.....taking care of pets.....talking over the fence.....helping me when I was pregnant.....and then planting a flower bed after Scout was born.  Numerous meals in care for one another, passed through our doors.  But one night when I was coming home from somewhere.....(Biker Man was traveling).....I was SO sick.  Scout was only a few months old.  My mom lived states away.....and I desperately needed help.  Mama S works at a hospital, and that night I prayed she would be home.  She was, and when I called in tears.....telling her I needed a "Mom" to help me.....she came right over, without concern of herself.  Her and her adult daughter cared for me, and my baby all evening until we were both sound asleep for the night.  I will never forget the love I felt being cared for by them.  We now live states away from one another.....but EVERY time we are there.....we see our neighbor-family.

When we moved from our southern home.....we specifically prayed for good neighbors.  We not only got one.....or two.....but THREE great sets of neighbors!!!

We have the grandparents two doors down, who I have had to call late at night.....(again, Biker Man was traveling) come help me when my well pump got hit by lightening.  He came RIGHT away.  I have also had to take shelter in their basement during Tornado season.  They have brought me birthday cakes and presents.....and are always available if we need them.

Then we have the teacher artist husband.....and an Angel-Baby-Girl.....who have brought me soup when I was and drawings to Scout.....spontaneous treats.....birthday surprises....and helped with projects that we have been involved in.

On the other side we have the good-ole'-boy family.  They work hard.....and a lot.  He is in construction to provide for his family.  She has sold all kinds of things here and there, to help take care of her family.....and to be available to their girls.  Right now she is selling Thirty-One.....

I have fallen in love with it's products and mission.  With some extra birthday money, end of the year bonuses, and Christmas......I have been able to treat myself!

This is my favorite piece.....the Large Utility Tote.  A couple of my friends have these and rave about them!!!  I love the sturdiness and the metal brace that frames the top.  I was able to pack an entire week of clothes in it, for a recent trip.  ( be honest, I'm not your typical girl.  I pack light.)

This was a total splurge and not needed at all......but the pattern made me smile and can go with so many is the Retro Metro Bag.....and can be carried as a purse, carry-on,  or diaper bag.  It has a feminine rugged look.....whatever that means.....I just made that up.

I have bought the Mini Utility Bin to use for a trash can in my car......the Timeless Beauty Bag for travel.....and the Thermal Tote for snacks in the car.

This one is super cute......and IT CAN BELONG TO YOU!!!  My neighbor is giving this away to a Daisy Boots reader!

This is the All in One Organizer.....great car catch all....lunch box.....or make-up caddy.....there are countless ways it can be used.

For a chance to win.....make a comment in the comments section below.....before noon on Wednesday, January answering:

"What is the most special thing a neighbor has done for you?"

A winner will be picked from our friends at and will be announced on Wednesday evening.

Hope you win!!!

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  1. i have the best neighbor too....sadly her and her family are moving this summer. but i will always remember all the times he has let me borrow her stampin' up stuff :) my favorite thing to do is make cards and she has LOTS more stuff than me and she is sooooooooooo gracious to let me borrow anything......thanks wendy......i'll miss your stampin' stuff but i'll miss you more.

  2. When we lived in Charlotte we had neighbors who were from India. He had recently returned to India to marry, then brought his new bride back here to the States. His mother was going to live with them for 6 months! Needless to say, LOTS of transition for the young bride! We were beginning to get to know them, and they invited us over for dinner. We had the
    most AMAZING authentic Indian meal! Better than any restaurant. An amazing celebration of flavors. It was all made by hand and required lots of grinding of various ingredients. They served us one course at a time, and the two Indian women didn't sit at the table with us to eat, but prepared a course for us, and while we enjoyed it they worked on the next. It wasn't until we were about to leave that we discovered they had made the entire meal without the use of their kitchen sink, as they were having plumbing problems and it had been removed! We were completely amazed and humbled at their generous hospitality!

  3. I love neighbors and I love being neighborly. We've lived here for 9 years, and we have great neighbors. However before we moved here, we lived in a very small college community. We had fabulous friends as neighbors and in those days my first born was quite feisty and stubborn. I called my neighbor in tears and she came over and "dealt with" my little girl so I could gather myself. That's some kind of love.

  4. When I was pregnant with my daughter my water broke at 24 weeks. God graced us with my water resealing and I carried my daughter to 36 weeks. During that 12 week period I was on complete bed rest. I was only allowed up to use the restroom and to take a shower. The outpouring of love from our neighbors was over the top! They would just show up with dinner already made and mow our grass without us asking. They would stay with me at night when Dennis was at work. One neighbor put me on a prayer chain that extended all over. I remember one day getting a post card from someone in Texas telling me they were praying for me and Kayla. I never forgot the generosity of all our neighbors!!

  5. One of the hardest things about being in the military is moving. We move every three years, so that makes things a bit more difficult. God has always blessed us with great neighbors. We've never really had one do something specific for us, but in general....they are dealing with us and our crazy dogs! That in itself is enough to be grateful for!

  6. We have the best neighbors now. I love them dearly. Their son was born on my sons birthday Oct. guy is 5 their guy is 2 and we are the only two who live on our street in our neghborhood so it is kinda special. We are going to be moving and building a new home on new land we have purchased. The saddest part of this move is leaving our neighbors who are a stone throw away. Rachael cried when she found out i tried to find a way to make them move with us including selling them an acre of land and having them build next to us. The thing i love most about them is just spending a lazy afternoon at the houses outside. Our kids playing together, having lunch, drinking a frozen concoction, and sharing. I love knowing they are there in the event we need them. I pray about our leaving them to be living on 16 acres w/ no close neighbors near by. Oh we will have people who we live next to but they will not be w/in running distance in case of emergency, they wont be the moore's. I pray our special bond will continue after we make our move. In the meantime we are enjoying our friendship and celebrating with traditions i hope we continue.

  7. p.s. I LOVE 31! i have so many of their items too and REALLY want the bag pictured in the book as a camera bag. =) it is hostess only tho so i may have to host a party down the road!

  8. My neighbor has (several times) used his snow plow to plow our driveway as a surprise for us. He has also (several times) pulled stuck vehicles out of the mud in our yard. Super nice!