Monday, February 11, 2013

My Peeps is Cool! (Guest Contributor - Scout)

Hey!  It's me.....Scout!
My mom is having a serious case of writers block the last few she finally asked for my help.  I am an expert about a lot of things.  Just ask me.

One thing that I know a lot my Peeps.  No.  Not my gang of people, friends, or groupies. Peeps.  Ya' grandpa.  My mom's dad.  I call him Peeps.  My mom calls him Mac Daddy here on "the blog."  Blog, blog, blog.....we hear a lot about the blog.  She loves to blog.  Though it doesn't seem like it because she doesn't post very often.  Just sayin'.  (She HATES that saying.)

Anyway.....I am going to tell you all about him.....and how cool he is.
Here I am hanging with him, when I was a seriously little dude.  Two cool dudes.  This is before his 'stache went all grayish.  It's been awhile.  I am gonna be nine soon.

Here I am sitting in his office.....on his desk.  I didn't fart on it.  Though that woulda' been really dad (Biker Man) would have not thought that was cool or funny.

My Peeps has a bridge named after him in my mom's hometown.  I think that is really cool.

He was in the Army.....

.....and served in the State Highway forever ago.  He retired before I was born.  It took my parents A. LONG. TIME. to have me.....Meemaw (a.k.a R2D2 on "the blog") was like....."FINALLY!" when I was born.  Isn't she pretty.  Peeps was smart to marry her.

Peeps plays the git-tar.  This isn't him.  He is more like a hobbit.  He plays the bag pipes too.  He tried to teach me once, and my mom said it sounded like a bunch of terrorized geese needed liberated from the basement.

Peeps is so cool.....he is willing to have his picture taken with me in a facial net, at Hershey's chocolate factory.  I think he thought the chocolate was worth the scrutiny.

You have to admit.  THIS IS SUPER COOL!!!  My Peeps rides a Harley.....

My Peeps finds every excuse possible to take me out for ice cream.  We are like peas and carrots.....Peeps and me.  Here's Meemaw again!

My Peeps is cool!  (Good thing for spell check!  I just typed in Poops.....oops!....That could get funny real fast!)  Anyway.....I love that I have a cool Peeps.  Don't you think he's cool?