Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Planes and Peeing My Pants

The time of year has come, when we wonder if we should take out extra homeowners insurance...or something...

...because of this.

This is my house.

That plane you see...that is flying super duper close to my house... a crop duster.

The first year that we lived in our country home...and the crop duster came to spray the fields behind us, I was standing at the kitchen sink looking out the window, which is in the back of the house.

It came straight at us (I SERIOUSLY thought it was going to hit our house)...all I knew to do was duck.  I looked ridiculous.  Scout, and his little 5 year old self, bowled over laughing at "silly mommy."

Instead of hitting our house though, it took an extremely sharp turn upwards...and over our house, readying to make another pass.  Though I dribbled in my was an amazing site.  Our neighbor caught this photo.

I wasn't taking Scout and I went outside and relaxed on the lawn, until it was finished flying over our humble abode.  If it was going to crash into our house, we weren't going to be in it.

It is crop dusting season around here...and although we have seen them a gazillion times around our land, and all of our neighbors is a site that I will never tire of, and something I would miss, should we ever move back to the city.

*Photo courtesy: Paula Linsenbigler

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