Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sweet Tea's Sweet Tea

Happy New Year Years Daisy Friends!!! 

Thanks so much for stoppin' by and checkin' us out...and to those who have been faithful followers for the past two years among my inconsistent postings.  I love writing and engaging all of you through my blog, but sometimes life can take over...can't it?

One of the goals that I have in this new year is to make some better choices for our diet.  No...I am not getting all wrapped around my axle over resolutions and stuff...just trying to make some small changes one at a time.

The first thing that I am focusing on is eliminating soda pop (Diet Coke I love you forever) and the packaged drinks for lunch boxes.  We are working on choosing water...and tea...when you just need a little something more to go alongside a meal or snack.

Scout and I are professional snackers.  We are trying to persuade Biker Man over to the dark side...

We are bad.

When we lived in the south for 10 years, we soon found out that sweet tea was king and that there were mobile IV units positioned all over the city we lived, for folks to quickly hook up for needed a fix.

Just kidding...but seriously...sweet tea runs through the city's water system.  There is a special tap you can install on your sink...or have it piped through your fridge dispenser...

...just kidding...again.

What we did realize is how S.W.E.E.T traditional sweet tea is.  Honestly, it is like drinking syrup.  It will make your toes curl, put hair on Grandma's chest...and if you have a seriously problem child...give them one tablespoon of sweet tea and they will be sweet forever...of course as they swing from your chandeliers.

So I set out to learn how to make the coveted nectar, in a way that Biker Man and I could digest it...and legitimately become adopted southerners.  In the year 2000...when I became successful...Biker Man coined a term of endearment for me "His Little Sweet Tea."  He absolutely LOVES my tea and he has a particular palate.

So...for my beloved Daisy's:


~ Boil two quarts of water till it is a rolling boil and pull it off the burner.

~ Add four regular caffiented (or decaff...if that toots your horn more appropriately) and four of a herbal tea variety of your choosing.  I made peach today, but one of Scout's favorite is raspberry, Biker Man likes blueberry...and my FAV is peppermint.

~ Put the tea bags in the boiling water.  *Make sure your tea bag tags are not hanging over the still warm burner...or you'll be calling the fire department.  Not like that has ever happened here...but the Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared."

~ Add ONE of these options:  1/2 C of sugar -OR- 1/4 C of the pictured stevia sweetener blend.  The sugar is what I used when I was 29 and was chiseled like a brick house.  Do you have that song in your head now?  Good.  The stevia blend is what I started using post 29...and am what I am still using to this longer being chiseled like a brick house.

~ Stir and allow to cool on your stove.  I wait till it is completely cool before pouring into the storage container.  I have a nice glass Mason jar pitcher that I am in love Southern Sweet Biscuit gave it to me...I can pour slightly warm tea into it.  *You just want to be careful pouring warm anything into plastics....the chemicals from the plastics can heat up even slightly and leak into your drink/food...thus eliminating one of the reasons we are making changes in our choices.*

There you have it.  It is not rocket science...nor will it cause you to go into diabetic shock.  Let me know if you try it...and what combos you come up with....

Hugs to you....

*This is not a paid advertisement...Bigelow and Truvia do not know I exist.
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